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Empty Space. Raw Material.Thought

Have you ever had a shirt or a piece of clothing where you pulled at a loose thread and it began to come undone, fall apart, create a hole?

If you did keep pulling, you'd see the shirt was nothing more than empty space, some thread, and someone’s imagination… even the thread was once just an idea!

Actually, everything is like that… made up of space, raw material and someone’s imagination or consciousness. One can think of a concept or object, bring it into physical existence out of thin air, by visualizing what service that object or concept could provide, how it would look and feel, how it would work and relate to the things around it, and gather the raw materials to make it.

Just like my process with “The Pavilion” at Solfeggio. I imagined a concept first. I didn’t visualize a structure; I visualized what the structure would hold, what the very essence of the space would hold. I imagined what might take place in the space, how it would be used, how it would feel. Only then did I visualize the structure, how open, how high the roof, the feel of the floor… How the structure would frame the distant mountains and valleys. Then, I imagined the feelings people would have as they gazed out of the pavilion, how it would shape a person’s experience of who and where they are…

And an amazing thing happen… it manifested out of thin air, with raw materials, cooperation, intention and imagination!

Our bodies are like that as well. They are mostly empty space, some raw materials provided by the Earth, shaped and held together by thoughts, stories, concepts and beliefs (which are 95% sub-conscious) The very fabric of our body and life experience is shaped and reinforced by consciousness.

So, it looks like our bodies are very much like a shirt or piece of clothing.

If we pull a loose thread in the fabric of our reality, we can begin to unravel the thoughts and beliefs that create who we are, as well as create our experiences. If we keep pulling… we’ll eventually see there’s nothing more than empty space and raw materials woven together by our thoughts and beliefs...

Can you see yourself, naked as the day you were born, a bunch of tangled thread in hand, standing in bright sunlight saying, “Oh… look at that?'

You see the clothes you’re wearing were created many years ago and they probably don’t fit you anymore!

They may be worn, tattered, and full of holes. The fact is the majority of our thoughts, stories and beliefs are generated by the limbic brain, which was on “record” the first 6 years of our life, at a time when we had no frame of reference for those experiences.

All of your self-limiting beliefs, the ones telling you that the world is a scary place, that you aren’t safe, you aren't smart or good enough, can't sing or dance or do math... are all the result of this developmental process and the on-going stories of our childhood…

So, the truth is the young child you once were, has been weaving the clothes you’re wearing without you being aware of it… except… maybe…

You’ve noticed the clothes you’re wearing are too tight, too small, and not a good fit at all

for the adult you are in the present.

So, what would happen, if we started pulling on a loose thread to see where it leads?

Wouldn’t it be fun to unwind that too small piece of clothing, unravel old experiences, old beliefs no longer supporting us, and begin to consciously create new clothes that feel more comfortable, more like the authentic you, and more appropriate for your age!

Join Sheri Cooke and myself for Soul Attunement (and Adornment – Ha!) Together, let’s unravel and reweave the fabric of our reality to fit our grander Self!

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