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The Pavilion 

Since 2013, the Pavilion has been offering a variety of classes, workshops, and special events to support our health and wellbeing, empower personal growth, ignite our human potential, inspire a deeper sense of connection and elevate our collective heart and soul.



This workshop is based on the Melocchi technique used by opera singers in Italy (Del Monaco, Corelli, Giacomini, Martinucci, etc). The aim is to activate the muscles that control the vocal chords by executing precise and simple vocal exercises. This technique is not only very useful for professional singers, but also for actors and all other public speakers because it prevents the voice from getting tired during and after the performance and keeps the vocal chords in optimal shape.


  What's Happening?               November - December 2022

Every Other Saturday - 9am to 12noon (Starting Sept 3)

Vocal restrictions are directly reflected on our personality and therefore determine our life quality. Participants are reminded of how the natural voice sounds without the influence of rational conditioning related to our programming or education that begins with the first words spoken. We are experiencing this sound produced by our own vocal apparatus as personal authentic voice. When activated it dissolves psychosomatic blockages, brings subconcious mechanisms to the conscious surface and balances heart-mind connection. This process is often experienced as centering. A fundamental element of this method is the optimal breathing technique.


The VOX VERE Vocal Development Method is suitable for everybody regardless of age, experience or education.


After his studies at the Amsterdam Theater School Alan Razzak graduated in June 2005 at the Utrecht Conservatory in the class of Henny Y. Diemer. He continued vocal studies at the International Studio of Vocal Arts with tenor James McCray. After years of performing and teaching in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia and Germany Alan Razzak has developed a style which is very simple, efficient and applicable for students and professionals in theatre. After teaching in the Theatre School of Amsterdam he came to live in Berlin where he worked as a voice teacher and guest teacher by LKJ Berlin – Youth Cultural Education, Wannsee Forum Education and as a singer and vocal therapist.

Alan now lives with his family in Costa Rica, where he teaches group classes and private lessons in person and online.

Contact Info

Whatsapp: +385 99 504 0543


What Alan offers in his classes goes beyond opening up your voice to improve your singing. There’s a method in his passion that unlocks a door in your body, mind and spirit, so you can reclaim your sound. Ultimately, it’s about experiencing the frequency of your authentic voice, which will resonant through everything you do! Really an extraordinary practice!

Dina Delaini

Alan's classes help you to overcome vulnerability and gain confidence in yourself. I understand why he calls it “Voice Activation", as each time I experience energetic shifts and even releases of tension and pain. There’s deep healing going on! Alan’s classes have improved my singing, my understanding about; breathing, projecting my voice and use of my mouth. At the end of each class everyone always discovers an improvement in their voice and vocals. Most importantly, Voice Activation has given me a deeper understanding of how sound and frequency affect our bodies and wellbeing. I Highly recommend Alan Razzak's classes!


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