Qigong Workshops & Retreats

In times of stress Qigong is an invaluable practice
to bring balance, calm and clarity through
energy management and emotional mastery.
Solfeggio is offering 3 to 5 night stays
for private Qigong retreats to get you started
with a foundational understanding and practice
to support you wherever you go from here

Energy is the all-encompassing context of our lives. Once we place ourselves in that context, we begin to see how energy is at work and play in our everyday lives, as well as its pontential to hold us in the past or shape and create our present and future.


Qigong aka: "Life Force Cultivation" is an ancient Chinese modality that facilitates a direct experience of this dimension of ourselves.

A Qigong practice optimizes our health and well-being, mental clarity and focus through energy attunement.

Our workshops and retreats will share accessible forms of holistic self-care using the power of focused awareness, intention, visualization, breath and movement or postures. They will also include some Daoist Philosophy and Chinese Medicine Theory to help deepen the context of your practice. Longer personal retreats can be designed to meet a specific need. Regardless of how long you stay, you will leave with a supportive practice to take with you.


Over time, Qigong gracefully enables the committed practitioner to create physical, mental and emotional stability, resiliency and flexibility; as it enhances intuition and discernment, empowers personal responsibility, all while deepening a sense of connection and a trust in your ability to be with what is.

Below are a few of the forms drawn upon for your practice.

Connecting to the Heavens.jpg
These forms are not just
beautiful moving meditations, calming body, mind and spirit
They are moving metaphors
weaving a cellular story of
life in dynamic balance
Energy in the Palm of My Hand_edited.jpg

Elegant Flow Qigong

This Qigong practice is a flowing mix of moving metaphors weaving a cellular story of life in dynamic balance. An intuited form, it  shares and honors the wisdom and grace of many Qigong teachers, practitioners and Masters past and present*.  After years of study what I have found is all forms share the same basic principles, and it's the steadfast practice that becomes your greatest teacher.

In Elegant Flow we softly focus on syncing our breath with movement and intention, and begin to explore, play and expand our sense of who we are. Magic happens when we start to cultivate inner stillness, growing a sense of neutrality, equinimity and non-judgment, as in this state of being we can see ourselves and others through a len of our shared humanness and start to grow compassion. As energy flows in coherence, it strengthens a sense of infinite creativity and possibility.

By the end of the flow we have built an energetic container holding our collective inner smile grounded in radiant stillness.

* Special acknowledge and gratitude to Advanced Qigong Instructor & Qigong Clincal Therapist, Daisy Lee, for her brilliance, love and support over the years. Her Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong and other teachings have empowered many women around the world to come into their fullest expression. The lotus rises on many continents because of her inspired purpose and contribution to life.

Organ Cleansing Qigong

A form of Zhang Fu Gong taught by Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee incorpating the Doaist 5 elemental energies of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each individual expression of these 5 elementals is associated with a color, movement, meridian, organ, emotion, virtue, organ spirit and more. Our class will go into the expanded context of elemental energies.


The practice works to enhance the "wei qi" field, or "guardian qi" layer of energy immediately surrounding the body and is connected to our internal meridians and organs. Wei Qi is created and influenced by our emotions, diet and lifestyle and expressed outside the body as strong or weak vital energy. It's known as our first line of defence against outside pathogens or aberrant energies, however I prefer to think of it as the energy we emanate that interacts with the etheric plane of life aka: the environmental energy surrounding us.


In this Organ Cleansing routine, we start as in every practice connecting to our energy and use this awareness to help release toxins, blockages and stagnations held in the organ energy systems and fields, freeing the flow of information in our body, which in turn strengthens and boosts the immune system, our life force energy and layer of guardian energy.


Organ Cleansing Qigong's beautiful flowing movements and intentions evoke an intimate exchange with the natural world, and open us up to experience the deeper giving and receiving of this relationship, helping us to inner-stand our boundaries and harmonize our body, mind and spirit.

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong is an empowering, holistic, self-care health program created just for women, by Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Qigong Therapist, Daisy Lee. Studying qigong with Master Teachers in Tibet, China and the West culminated in a profound practice that supports women in all stages of life to attain and maintain optimum, "radiant" health and wellbeing.

Radiant Lotus is extremely benefical for women with menstrual issues, perimenopausal discomfort, emotional and hormonal imbalances. It's a medicine-less modality that has the potential to break up uterine and breast lumps, cysts or tumors. The practice cultivates compassion for self, allowing for self-inquiry, a powerful tool for healing. It supports the immune and endocrine systems and enhances overall health and wellbeing, by using the mind-body connection, movements, meditations and Tibetan Sound Healing for Women to transmute energetically held patterns creating dis-ease.


The system brilliantly connects women to their innate gifts of intuition, nurturance and heart-centerness, which in turn develops the self-confidence, trust and strength to face all of life's challenges with grace. Amen to that!

Growing Heart Qi.jpg
Essential to personal transformation and self-realization
is the energy of Love...
Love simply heals
and makes whole...
So gift yourself a practice
that cultivates a compassionate relationship with yourself
and begin your journey
to wholeness