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"Qi" ~ air, breath of life, vital energy ~ "Gong" ~ benefit from work or cultivation ~ originally birthed from "Dao-yin" ~ leading and guiding qi, is an ancient Chinese energy art and science as relevant today as it was over 5,000 years ago. First intuited by shaman, later infused with Daoist philosophy steeped in a profound understanding of universal energy and its relationship to humanity, earth, and laws of nature and the cosmos, so eloquently expressed in the deep, rich text of the "Tao de Ching" (Tao or Dao). 


"Qigong", pronounced "Chee-Goong", is actually an umbrella covering a vast array of esoteric and healing arts; from reality-blowing Daoist and martial arts to the holistic healthcare system of Chinese Medicine to powerful and sublime moving and still meditations promoting optimum health, longevity and spiritual awareness. The common thread in all of these practices and modalities is the cultivation of and connection to source energies.


Most often when we hear of "qigong" it's referring to an empowering self-care practice using one's breath, focused awareness, intention/visualization, postures or movement to facilitate energy flow in the body to promote mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.  Doaist saw this as the first step toward living a long healthy life with more time to cultivate spiritual awareness.


The Qigong referred to here is a beautiful practice needing little space or time, no special clothing or equipment. It's a perfect lifetime practice supporting radiant health and wellbeing and can be done standing, sitting or lying down. Simple, yet profound, the practice endows (in-"Dao"s) the dedicated practitioner with increased vitality, optimum health and a deep sense of connection. Qigong is an accessible form of self-care and the best health insurance one can have, certainly the most economical.


Known Health Benefits

Qigong creates heart-mind coherence, dynamic balance in the branches of the autonomic nervous system and homeostasis within bodily systems. It specifically supports the immune system, enhances lymphatic flow, supports the endocrine system by balancing hormones, improves flexibility, balance and bone density. It enhances respiration, circulation and memory. Scientific studies have shown its efficacy in the treatment of depression, anxiety, hypertension and in the production of anti-aging enzymes and more. It's complementary to Western medical practices and is being used to support and shorten recovery after surgeries and manage chronic illnesses.


If  energy animates all life
emanates from all things
and permeates all space
doesn't it make sense to have
a daily practice that
refines your relationship

Qigong Insights

The empowering practice of Qigong gracefully enables the committed practitioner to merge with the ultimate fabric of our lives to create physical, mental, emotional stability, resilience & flexibility. Qigong cultivates energy awareness, enhances intuition and discernment, empowers personal responsibility, while creating a profound sense of belonging and connection (spiritual awareness).


It's potent energy work we do on and for our self, and is an important step toward restoring our original blueprint of healthy dynamic balance.One can spend a lifetime studying Qigong, as the practice and philosophy never stops revealing new insights, truths and profound benefits. Approaching a Qigong practice with a child-like curiosity, suspending any hard-held beliefs enables one to play in the playground of the energy of everything, and return us to a spontaneous relationship to life!


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