Solfeggio can house 14 to 16 people in 7 unique accommodations with creative bamboo details. All bedrooms have ceiling fans, one bedroom has a/c, rarely needed.  Our water is pure, air clean, and the setting peaceful...  


Sleeps 4

Soltierra is a 2 bedroom unit that sleeps 4. It has a lovely Zen feel and mountain views. There's an open-air common space looking out over Solfeggio's grass circle, "The Navel", used for early morning & night time activities; Qigong, Yoga, Firepit, Story Telling, Ceremony and star-gazing. There's a shared bathroom and a separate attractive airy shower.


Soltierra also features large natural teak supporting posts, a bamboo ceiling, as well as, creative bamboo details. 



Solcanto is a one bedroom with 2 twin beds and a private balcony looking out over the orchard, vegetable garden and beautiful mountain views. This bedroom unit has a lovely open-air shower and hand-painted bathroom sink adding a touch of whimsy. Bamboo has been used creatively throughout, even for lighting fixtures. 


From here one can observe nature easily. Keep an eye out for monkeys, coatis, agoutis, tayras and more, all of whom share fruit grown at Solfeggio.



Sleeps 3

2-Story structure with kitchen, open air dining area, with adjacent

no-chemical dipping pool.


Second floor has a dreamy canopy sofa bed for 1 and a loft with 2 twin beds. There's a large dressing room and balcony. The bathroom and outdoor shower are on the first level.

Pool 1
Kitchen Shot


Sleeps 1

This is the only bedroom for one. It has a single bed, desk and chair, small dresser and stand for a suitcase. It shares the bathroom and outdoor shower with BambuSol next door.

Detail - shared bathroom


Sleeps 2

Tucked into the trees is a screened in perch with 2 singles beds.

The space may also be used as a treatment room and library, pictured here. Depending on your group's interests, we have a variety of books we can share on nature, Costa Rican culture, medicinal plants, diet, spirituality, adventure and more. We also have two pairs of binoculars.  


Solselva shares a bathroom and outdoor shower with BambuSol. 



Sleeps 2

Next to Casa Veranita is Solnido, a sweet forest nest. A second story bedroom created for the owner's children and grandchild is the only unit with a/c. It has a 1/2 bath and sits above a small laundry containing a shower with an outdoor feel. Solnido has a king size built-in bed (actually shorter than a king) with a table and two chairs, which can be changed to a twin bed. 


White-Faced Monkeys pass by closely, and Anteaters and Sloths have been seen from here!


Sleeps 1 person or a couple


Next to the Pavilion is TaijiSol a tiny bedroom with full size bed and

"The View".


Available to retreat coordinators only and may also be used as a treatment room or office.

Ariel Pavilion & TaijiSol
The View

Casa Veranita

Casa Veranita, a bamboo frame house, is perched at the edge of the forest and the first house to be built on the property in 2008. Constructed by craftsman from the open-hearted pueblo of San Salvador, the workmanship is a delight and everyone who visits marvels at the carefully crafted details.


Surrounded by forest Casa Veranita is the perfect location to observe nature's unfolding drama. White-Face Monkeys, Cotimundis, Toucans, Fiery-Billed Aracaris, Crested Guans, Great Currasows and hosts of large and small birds can be viewed. In just a minute one can view several species of butterflies. 


Casa Veranita has a queen bed upstairs and a comfortable daybed downstairs

and full kitchen.

(Presently Unavailable)