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Solfeggio is a chamber
of the heart manifest in form.

It is a rare combination of excellence and substance....
I recommend Solfeggio to anyone who wishes to receive an extraordinary experience
of healing

Solfeggio Retreats is a chamber of the heart manifest in form. It is a rare combination of excellence and substance.

The natural environment of Solfeggio is stunning in its complex beauty. The accommodations and meals are themselves works of art. The high quality of the workshop space is matched by Dina's mindful attention to detail on every level.

I recommend Solfeggio to anyone who wishes to receive an extraordinary experience of healing.

Terri Nash, Midwife, Healer, Qigong Instructor & Co-Leader of Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong Level II Certification 

Kapaa,  HI

I cannot imagine a more perfect setting for the deep, transformative and joyful shifts I experienced at Solfeggio. Because the Soul of land is so deepy loved and cared for by Dina, magical healing, expansion and growth occur here on a regular basis. The accommodations are beautiful and the food was outstanding!! Solfeggio is unique! Perched on the edge of the jungle and only 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, it embodies the sophistication of a tranquil retreat setting. Allow yourself to connect to the heart of Costa Rica through your experience at Solfeggio.

Joan D'Argo, Energy Intuitive & Soul Coach, Shiatsu Practitioner, Qigong Instructor

Traverse City, Michigan

Drupon Lama Dorje & Carolina.jpg

Entering into Dina's Solfeggio retreat space is like walking into another dimension - a harmonious place where beauty, tranquility and the powerful force of nature meet to remind us how it can be. Dina's gifted sense of creativity and intention meet to create a space designed for potent healing, transformation, and beauty. The land is something else. Whenever we left and returned, it was like coming home to a profound peace... Deep healing is not easy, but being on Dina's land gave us a lift, a firm and helpful pat on the back to assist the process. Many of us really just had to keep expressing our marvel at the place.  Thank you Dina. Your efforts, past and continual, have resulted in something very special and very needed. I hope many people can get even a fraction as much out of it as we have.

Dr. Moshe Daniel Block - Founder at

I really could write 8 or 9 pages on the effect Solfeggio truly has had towards not only my life but the lives of others because of the transformation that took place there. 7 months I spent with Dina and Solfeggio and after trotting the globe for almost half my life I have never quite had this kind of magical experience! Setting my intention to heal not ever knowing that Solfeggio would take it above and beyond to ancestral levels was quite a surprise. The land is sacred and very powerful, not to mention its true beauty!

Wayne David Klein

Solfeggio is such a treasure beyond words! 

When I first invited Drupon Lama Dorje (a Buddhist monk from Tibet) to come to Costa Rica, we were so grateful when Dina invited us to stay at her paradise. It was so rejuvenating to arrive to such a healthy forest and comfortable accommodations. I can truly say I found deep mental and physical health there. It was so memorable to meditate under the 300 year old Ceiba grandmother tree! 


During our 3 week stay, the natural peace of the land inspired such clarity that the vision for Dewachen World Peace Sanctuary was born. So many beings will undoubtedly benefit from this project, and we owe such deep gratitude to Dina and the land. 


We are so happy to be your neighbors now!

Drupon Lama Dorje & Carolina Putnam

Jonathan & Brina

Brina and I stayed at Solfeggio Retreats for three months and it was a profoundly transformative time for us.... The space itself offers all the amenities you could ask for and is constantly maintained in perfect condition by loving staff. The nature is very powerful at this place and we spent many days just sitting in the beautiful garden, observing and listening to the plants and animals that make this site vibrate at an especially high frequency…. While there we were inspired to birth the Temple of Love retreats around conscious relationships and sacred sexuality...


Dina is a very special person, deeply tuned in and aligned with the energies of the place. You can tell how much she has been curating, cultivating, caring for and protecting the center and working consciously with the land. She holds a lot of wisdom and it is a true gift to have her around.


I recommend the place for anyone who looks for more than a home, who longs to find a grounding, resourcing and quiet environment that offers a mirror, a clear surface for what wants to be seen and held in the loving presence of nature. It is the perfect container for inner work, inspires to bring out your true creativity and come into alignment with nature within and without again.

Jonathan Klodt & Brina Stinehelfer


My 1 month stay at Solfeggio at a time of a pivotal transition in my life was quite magical and supportive. I found the tranquility of the land, the pavilion and Dina’s kindness very supportive. I even ended up birthing and facilitating some beautiful and powerful workshops on women’s empowerment. I’m grateful for my time at Solfeggio and having found a friend in Dina  ... It’s a peaceful sanctuary

Trina Tamrakar, PhD in Trauma Psychology, speciality in secondary trauma & PTSD

Colleen aka: Coco

Solfeggio gently strengthens the truth of your soul so you have the courage to be who you came here to be. During my one month residency at Solfeggio, I attended Voice Activation and Qi gong workshops, which helped open my blocked throat chakra. I was also inspired to create Sacred Art Circles, and started them right away over zoom! It became clear that these circles were to be another part of my journey and service. The most important thing is I felt at ease and confident to take my next steps. Dina and her deep intentions to co-create with the land to birth Solfeggio inspired me to do the same. I allowed the land to support me in expanding in beauty and service to our world for the love of Mother Earth. I walked away with a knowing that all is possible.

Collen aka: Coco, Earth Pigment Artist

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