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Window in Cosmic Egg

Inspiring Bamboo!

The intention of this page is to inspire people to see bamboo as the truly valuable, renewable resource it is and consider using it in their landscape for its beauty, utility, food, play and home construction projects.


This page will also serve to inform of any bamboo plants, canes and products for sale and any scheduled educational tours to view different bamboo species, our floating platforms, garden structures, and how bamboo can be used in home construction and design.

(Page in Progress)

Plants For Sale

Presently we have Bamboo Multiplex (2 different species)

Great for hedges, blocking dust from dirt roads, creating more privacy or interesting feature in a landscape

Bambu Chino 3-5 cane root divisions (1,500 colones)

Alphonse Karr 3-5 cane root divisions (3,000 colones)

This multiplex has stout, erect, varigated yellow with green stripe canes.

Both species grow to a height of 4 meters and can be maintained to a manageable height.

Photo Below: Hedge of Bambu Chino in the back and a dwarf bamboo at the bottom of photo.

Bambu Chino & Dwarf Bambu
Photo of Black Bamboo: Drupon Lama Dorje in his favorite office, where he brought his computer to share his dharma teachings online. This floating bamboo structure was started during a workshop. It was designed with 2 things in mind. First and foremost it was created to help in the harvesting of canes. The other reason is obvious... to have a space to engage with our child-like nature and imagination. The first level has a bamboo didgeridoo and a "Xylo-Boo" played with flip flops.

Photo Below: Detail of bamboo used for growing veggies and herbs. No screws or nails used to construct it, just bamboo pegs and rope.
Bambu Vivero.jpg
Cosmic Egg_edited.jpg

Photo Above: Living Bamboo Platform aka: the Cosmic Egg was built in an unrully clump of Bambusa malingensis or Seabreeze bamboo. The floating foundation in living bamboo was a concept birthed at Solfeggio.

Lama in Favorite Office.jpg
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