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Yoga with Kaitlin Ferrel



Kaitlin spent the majority of her life in the Performing Arts, and after years of damaging high impact training and excercise, Kaitlin was drawn to the Healing Arts. This led her to the discovery and exploration of Yoga, which she sees as a great gift. After extensive study, and with the goal of providing affordable yoga lessons to all levels of students, Kaitlin founded, Radha Yoga, a non-profit yoga school in Mid-City Los Angeles. The school quickly became one of the top-rated studios in the city.


After many years of teaching and operating a yoga school, Kaitlin decided to move to Costa Rica.  The school she founded continues to provide high quality affordable yoga like she originally envisioned, and she participates regularly in teaching classes and workshops online.

Classes  Monday. Wednesday. Friday.  8:30 to 10am

Mondays - Back to Basics


A class designed to explore the essential components of a yoga practice, a slow, steady approach to discovering breathing techniques, setting intention, and practicing postural alignment. Increase mobility and strength while supporting functional movement patterns in the body. This class is great for all levels.


Wednesdays - Rest and Restore


A Restorative Yoga Class that balances the nervous system while realigning the body in a passive way. In this all levels class, postures are practiced using props, such as blocks, straps  and cushions in order to replace muscular effort. This allows the practitioner to experience the art of surrendering, and the profound effects it has on the mind and body.


Fridays - Advanced Asana Exploration


In this Hatha Yoga class, postures are practiced slowly to access anatomy experientially, as well as the interplay between awareness, breath, and mental fluctuations. Cultivate an inherent body wisdom and learn to apply this intelligence in a practical way. Great for all body types, however, it is recommended to be familiar with the basic components of a yoga practice.

Kaitlin is thrilled to be offering in-person yoga classes to students of all levels. Her classes are interesting and engaging, as she always has new insights to offer.


Kaitlin’s teaching style is one of strength, yet compassion for the human body’s evolution and dance with gravity. Her communication is clear and precise. Her classes are practical and traditional, exploring depths physically, mentally, and spiritually, as she effortlessly intertwines all three


Kaitlin’s classes are wonderful.   She is a truly dedicated and knowledgeable teacher.  Her classes inspire penetrating and precise explorations of alignment, breath and our connection to our Divine Nature.  Although I have been practicing for decades already, under Kaitlin’s guidance, I am understanding the postures on a deeper level.


 The Pavilion at Solfeggio is both tranquil and beautiful.  The atmosphere is infused with Dina’s loving dedication and the gratitude of the teachers and students who greatly appreciate the opportunity to practice yoga in such a special place.  The open-air pavilion allows for beautiful and expansive vistas of the jungle, valley and mountains beyond.  The breezes float through, along with the bird songs and other sounds of nature.  

Vani Greene

My husband and I are very grateful to have the opportunity to practice yoga with Kaitlin several times a week in the beautiful space at Solfeggio.She is a gifted and very knowledgeable teacher, and has a calm style and a deep caring for all of us.  

Restorative yoga, which was new to us, has made a great impact on our well being.

All of Kaitlin's classes are unique and special.  We look forward to practicing with her every week.

Bob & Patti J

You couldn't find a more peaceful and beautiful space to practice yoga.  Not only is the space amazing, the instructors are as well!  In the 8 years I have been taking classes at Solfeggio,  I have been continually blessed to learn from extremely talented and unique teachers.  I am so very thankful to have Dina and Solfeggio in my life.

Twila Rushton

Over the years, the Pavilion has been blessed to have many wonderful yoga teachers and Kaitlin is one! She's deeply connected to the roots of yoga and masterfully weaves all aspects of it into each pose. Our bodies contain so many unconscious patterns of holding, so I really appreciate her guidance, allowing for a deep exploration of the mind-body connection.  I’ve learned so much about my body through patiently unwinding fascia, and love those moments of new insight! As a result I have more range of motion and feel more Qi flow than I’ve had in a long time, so grateful for it!

Dina Delaini

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