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The Santuary Offerings

 Gratitude naturally emerges from the sacredness of all life surrounding us

Sacredness and Gratitude spiral in reciprocity

informing us of why we are here and holds an energetic space

for the birthing of our gifts and the work we’ve come here to share...

Ceremony in Pavilion.jpg

  The Pavilion

Since 2013, The Pavilion at Solfeggio has been offering classes, workshops and events to nurture health and well-being, empower personal growth, ignite our human potential, inspire a deeper sense of connection and elevate our collective heart and soul.




Workshops with Tours & Consulting Services

Have you found your piece of paradise and wondering what's the next step? Our workshop & tour may be the most important step you take toward creating your own magical sanctuary and a home that truly nurtures you.


Workshops include a tour of the property to see, listen and “feel” the places, spaces and materials used in the varied constructions. You will also have the opportunity to garner valuable insights from the designer and co-creator of Solfeggio who has lived in Costa Rica for over 22 years.

Growing Heart Qi.jpg

Personal Qigong Retreats & Workshops

In these stress-filled times, Qigong is an invaluable self-care practice supporting one to bring balance, clarity and calm through energy management and emotional mastery. We offer private 3 to 5 nights stays for 1 to 6 people. 


Classes are designed to get you started with a foundational understanding and practice that will support you wherever go from here.

Indigo Bambu2.png

Bamboo Plants & Canes

Solfeggio is home 24 species of bamboo. At different times of the year we offer bamboo plants and occasionally canes and products.

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