The heart and soul of the Sanctuary honors nature and the surrounding landscape.

All structures honor the people who built them, honor the sustainably grown materials used  

and honor the inward journey with a country Zen style... Quiet and simple,

allowing each element to express itself while framing the grander setting of nature and place.


While building each special habitation there was as much attention given to supporting harmonious working relationships as there was to integrating locally grown plantation teak and bamboo. Each handcrafted space has a special energy one can feel.


Solfeggio sleeps up to 14.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is the centerpiece of our Sanctuary and stage for international and local events that elevate the human spirit, empower personal growth, and cultivate a sense of connection.

Grounds & Gardens

Our setting is pure Costa Rica! A private, peaceful, country sanctuary alive and vibrant. Walk to and from The Pavilion on a pineapple lined trail, pick joboticabas, limes, calamondines, starfruit, organges, grapefruit or maracuya. We grow bamboo, coffee, bananas and the list goes on...

Trails & Wildlife

Walk into the forest on well-maintained trails to a giant Ceiba tree, Sacred Tree of the Maya. Our magical property is home to many... coatis, agoutis, tayras, anteaters, sloths, kinkajous, Capuchin Monkeys just to name a few. The property is also graced by a myriad of butterfly and bird species. To see a Morpho Butterfly is a daily event!