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Have you found or are looking for your piece of paradise

and wondering what's the next step?

Want to create a magical sanctuary and home

that truly nurtures and supports you?

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Dina Delaini, Designer/Owner

Why were we called to Costa Rica? I believe she called to us for a higher purpose. Not to recreate the problems inherent in the old worn out model we have come from, but to leave behind our Western cultural context to create something new and much needed. It all starts with a return to seeing the sacredness of all Life. A return to the garden and gift of this precious Life Solfeggio Sanctuary is an ongoing co-creation and conversation with a deeper part of who we are. It holds a promise of our potential as co-creators in an imaginal realm of pure creativity and possibility beyond anything we have ever been told is possible. The land is calling us to co-create with her, it always has been. We have just temporarily forgotten how to feel and hear her.

Workshop with Tour & Consulting Services

Our workshop and tour may inspire you to do just that. In my workshop, I will introduce you to a different way of looking at your land and home, placing it in an expanded context of an ecosystem of relationships and intention.


Solfeggio Sanctuary is exemplary of the concepts I used and will share so you can apply them to create your own magical sanctuary.


Workshops include a tour of the property to see, listen and “feel” the places, spaces and materials used in the many varied constructions. You will also have the opportunity to garner valuable insights from the designer and co-creator of Solfeggio who has lived in Costa Rica for over 22 years.

My Story

In 2000, I moved to Costa Rica with my then husband. There were no cell phones, one pay phone in Dominical and very few hard line phones. Our first year and half we worked for Punta Dominical which was a valuable education.


I learned practical things about infrastructure, i.e. maintaining roads, water management, installation of electric and water systems. This gave me confidence later, once on my own and ready to co-create with the land I purchased in 2006.


However, the two most valuable things I learned from that early experience, were how to communicate beyond my limited Spanish and learning about the culture of Costa Rica.

In 2008 I started building and found a passion for it. I had prepared well for building and my creativity, new found strengths and insights had a chance to express.  Now in 2022, I'm sharing this passion with others.

Beyond the Workshop and Tour: Assistance with the Vision

Consulting Services: If you would like support with your next steps, I am offering an initial site visit to assist with; the initial steps of connecting to your land, and intitial assistance with visualizing yourself, your home and property as a symbiotic system.


If a detailed drawing of the conceptual home design is desired, we can work together to visualize and dream into existence a home that will truly inspire, support and nurture you on all levels in this next phase of your life. With this conceptual plan you will be able to speak more clearly and specifically about your ideas and vision with an engineer or whoever you choose to engineer your plan.

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