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Why Retreat in Costa Rica?

Because the Life Force is strong here! Lop-off a tree limb in the correct moon phase, stick it in the ground and it will grow. The exuberance of a tropical environment with all its bio-diversity is enough to spark a childlike wonder in even the most jaded among us. At times the rainy season (May thru November) feels primordial, evoking a timeless dramatic play between earth and sky revealing something of the dynamic energies of creation.

A tropical environment nurtures everything on a deep level with subtle and not so subtle energies. The forest floor draws energy up from deep within the earth, thunderstorms charge and waterfalls abound. Costa Rica's mountainous backbone is sculpted by active and dormant volcanoes. The earth's energy is palpable. Most everyone experiences this energy on a trip to Costa Rica but are largely unaware of it as they're so overwhelmed by visually stunning beauty, an exhilarating energy all its own.

There's another energy that affects almost everyone who comes here. It's the powerful influence of cultural energy. We humans create and entrain with the energy of places (think NYC). Cities and cultures take on an energetic life of their own that's self-sustaining and perpetuating.

In 1948, Costa Rica, an agrarian culture for centuries, had a short revolution which lead to abolishing their army and creating one of the world's most stable democracies. Generally speaking native Costa Ricans, or "Ticos", are non-confrontational. By nature, they nurture, collaborate, support, include, accept and forgive. They are eager to please, quick to smile or joke, and I've been deeply humbled many times by their open-hearted generosity and grace... Needless to say, the cultural energy of Costa Rica is nurturing.

Nurturance is what we all need to grow and evolve on a personal, inter-personal and planetary level. It makes us feel safe, secure and loved, which enables us to surrender to the flow of life as it is. Nurturance is primary to our survival. On some level, Ticos understand this.

Over the years, the energy of Costa Rica and her people has nurtured my growth on all levels....

There's a reason why the Ticos always say, "Pura Vida" aka: Pure Life or It's all good!

Come to Solfeggio Retreats to be nurtured by nature, experience "Pura Vida" and learn self-nurturing practices for personal and planetary resilience and sustainability!

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