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Qigong & The Elegant Design

Recently, I’ve been experiencing, thinking, and writing about the elegant design in all of Nature. The elegant design is intrinsic to Qigong, an ancient Daoist practice that supports us so beautifully in bringing ourselves into balance with a greater whole, precisely because the practice emerged from a deep relationship with and experience of the Earth, Cosmos and Source.

The following is an expanded context for the practice, as I'm presently experiencing it.

The story of how life evolved on our planet is dense and rich in context, content, and rife with conflicting opinions. It's ever-evolving, expanding and never definitive. Although the following is grossly over-simplified, it still sheds a little light on the ancient practice of Qigong, putting into a more contemporary context to make it feel more relevant, immediate and alive.

Everyone can decide what they want to believe, precisely because the first organisms on Earth, bacteria, gathered together creating the first neuro-network and neurotransmitter, making consciousness possible on Earth.

Over billions and billions of years, bacteria replicated the design, growing an interconnected network of communities surrounding the entire globe, which have been the foundation for greater and greater complexity of life, as well as creating and stabilizing the very elements needed to make life possible on Earth, and All of this life is conscious and searching for meaning in relationship and connection to a greater collective... and everything is emerging from a conscious, infinitely complex matrix of information, as well as, being an expression of it.

The Earth has a common language that emerged with the first bacterial life. That language is "feeling", a conscious sensory experience.

Nature/Life feels into the spaces between to search for meaning and connection. Feeling was our first language. It's still with us, and Qigong is a language we can use to feel into fields of energy, connecting us with information contained in that field.

A Qigong practice supports our intuition as it informs us in a holistic manner, just as the elegant design of nature communicates holistically with its environment. This builds trust in ourselves and in our elegant design.

In Qigong, as we ground, center and align energetically, creating stillness within, we can begin to feel supported by the greater whole of Earth, Cosmos and Source. From this feeling, an energetic neutral arises that free us from a mind full of stories, and we become aware of our observer self. From neutral, we begin to identify what is intrinsic to us and what is not. What supports us, and what does not.

This is the language of the elegant design… as we reconnect with our first language, "feeling", we communicate in a more holistic way with the environment within and without, better able to create meaning in relationship to the world around us, better able to "sense" dynamic balance and adjust. As a result, we become more fluid, stable, resilient, complete and connected by elegant design.

Oh, and that gut feeling? Would it be a surprise if it’s provided to you by the bacteria in your intestines?

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