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Why is this Family so Happy?!

Because first, they who they are, and second, they had just spent a two nights at Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary!

On vacation from their life in New York City, they were interested in everything around them. I was so grateful to see our sanctuary through their eyes. My favorite experience happened on a walk to the Ceiba tree. We weren’t more than a 100 feet into the forest, when the 16 year old stopped and said, “It’s so alive!”

My whole body resonated with her words. For course… kids, young adults need this experience even more than adults!

Children from suburban areas and cities, even children living in the country are now raised with technology. So often they are living in a virtual world, instead of going out to play in a yard, park or forest, most often they're focused on their cell phones. It’s a rare occasion to have any interaction with wild nature, which is more important than any of us could have ever imagined!

There’s so much to be said, good and not so good, about technology. However, there is one huge downside to this recent shift in focus, and it’s the loss of “biophilia”, or the development of empathy for and connection to all living things, as a result of direct experience and exploration of the natural world through our senses.

As Stephen Harrod Buhner states in The Lost Language of Plants; “…regular contact with nature, growing longer and more unsupervised as time goes by, allows the genetic predisposition for biophilia to awaken.... continual immersion in nature where the bonding process is supported and encouraged, allows it to deepen into “biognosis” – direct, depth knowledge of nature that cannot be reduced to an assembly of a collection of accumulated information…..the knowledge, because of immersion in biophilia, is directly communicated from the landscape, plants, or animals themselves.”

As a child I was extremely blessed to spend lots of time outside in the natural world. From as far back as I can remember I’d rather be outside than inside, seeking out connection with nature, spending time up in trees, playing and exploring in forests and meadows. I all-ways felt closer to God in a forest than I ever did in a church. It’s no wonder why Nature has been the source of my inspiration and healing, and the reason why I created Solfeggio.

When we connect to Nature, we are connecting to a deeper part of who we are.

A stay at Solfeggio, where Wi-Fi is limited to certain times and one location, offers you a rare opportunity to disconnect and reconnect to the larger rhythms of life on our planet.

Experiencing the exuberance of a Costa Rican rainforest helps to reclaim a sense of childlike wonder, and maybe even experience a glimpse of being part of a grander context and continuum of all life on Earth!

Solfeggio welcomes you to stay for a minimum of 4 nights to sink into this natural rhythm of tropical nature, and allow the magic to unfold.

We also offer a variety of ways you can enjoy a reintroduction to the amazing web of life each of us is part of. We offer; nature walks, amazing educational talks, movies, classes in herbal medicine, essential oils, visits to rivers, waterfalls, a sweet local pueblo to see their sustainable practices and contributions to the regeneration of forests. You can also tour permacultural farms, volunteer or visit ACCT’s tree nursery, or just spend time relaxing into the sanctuary grounds where monkeys, toucans and other exotic animals live and play!

So, come to Solfeggio and restore a much needed connection to our living planet and to our collective heart and soul! The rainforest and I await you!

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