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Why the Sanctuary feels the way it does

The answer is actually multi-facetted

I was guided to this property

I didn’t have the whole picture when I started but I did have an intention that the land and my business would be a catalist for much needed change in the world

I had a strong sense of how I had just purchased the temporary privilege of being the guardian of this land as all beings living or passing through it have been here before any humans thought to claim it.

I had a respect for nature’s intelligence, sentience and awareness.

I had an amazing amount of gratitude for the opportunity I’d been given to participate with the land

So much gratitude to be accepted into a Tico community who truly knows and lives community

And incredibly grateful for the opportunity to follow my heart and co-create with feeling, intuition, visualization and intent. So, ultimately it is intention that was and continues to be the foundation of the feeling of Solfeggio.

All of our journeys and expressions are different

However the fabric of our lives is not.

I believe we were called to Costa Rica (as others are being called elsewhere) to start to mend the tear in the fabric of existence on this planet, and begin to weave ourselves back into the incredible tapestry of all life on Earth, each of us with our own unique gifts and collective gifts.

Nature and the Cosmos hold a template for all life in dynamic balance

Where all parts work together as individual expressions of the fabric as well as co-creators of the fabric "Itself". And it’s our individual expressions of love, gratitude and creativity that are the gifts we have brought to contribute to the mending of the tear.

We don’t need anyone else’s idea of a “Great Reset”

The Greater Reset is the one that happens within each of us as we come to see ourselves as the powerful co-creators we are.

And the good news is we can start right where we are, no matter where we are

It just takes an awareness of the grander context of our lives

The sacredness of all life and the gift of living in alignment with Nature and the Cosmos, to the ecosystem of the land under our feet, the ecosystem of the expanded landscape that surround us and covers the entire planet, the ecosystem of our communities, and the ecosystem of our body, mind and spirit, as it relates to all these systems.

When we begin to regenerate the ecosystems where we live, we begin to regenerate the tear in our collective heart and soul, and life takes on a deeper sense of connection, meaning and purpose.

Bringing more awareness to the sacredness of all life and our individual lives becomes a stepping stone toward creating a more symbiotic world of mutual support, health, wellbeing and infinite creativity and possibility.

It’s this desire and intention to serve humanity and the planet through my own creative expression that planted a tiny seed that took root in the forest and began to grow, becoming the ongoing co-creation of Solfeggio Sanctuary.

So, let’s co-create together in the context of inter-connectedness and from that deeper sense of who we are!


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