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My Body. My House

Our bodies are like a house with many rooms, where we store all the compartmentalized aspects of ourselves (I’ve read this someplace). And we keep collecting and storing all this stuff we tell ourselves about who we are and what life’s about, until all the rooms of our house are packed full to the ceiling and….

All we can see is our Own Stuff!

No light can enter in to illuminate our sight; and our imagination and sense of possibility gets buried deep beneath all the stuff we think we know and hold as truth, all the stuff we believe defines who we are, all the stuff we think we need for our survival!

We accumulate so much stuff, we can’t move freely anymore, because we’ve created all these blockages and obstructions, the air is stagnant, and we can’t find a door to step outside ourselves to take a deep breath and gain perspective!

Our stuff can literally make us a prisoner of our own doing and choke the free flow of life force in our body! Holy Stuff!!!

The good news is…

Everything is mostly space and the only thing holding all this stuff in place is our conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs!

At any time, we can start unpacking and throw away the stuff blocking our path, clear and make room for more flow through; move things from the windows to bring in the light, open the doors to let in a free flow of fresh ideas!

Join Sheri and me this Sunday for Soul Attunement to breathe deeply together, let go, unpack, release, and uncover the flow of life within and without! One Breath, One Love…. Oneness! (what is a “ness” anyway – Ha!)

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