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The Tropic of Water

At the beginning of the rainy season in 2000, soon after moving to Costa Rica, I wrote this poem. (The first in many years) I’m at the end of my 17th rainy season here and still loving every moment of the magic and wonder I experience on a daily basis. Back in 2000, my senses were just beginning to re-awaken, as my body relaxed into the natural rhythms of a tropical rainforest.

To this day, the power and beauty I am surrounded by continues to educate me through my senses, and the lessons are becoming more profound. Our world is largely unseen, and we are woven by an elegant intelligent design into a complex tapestry of conscious life beyond our imagination.

Come! Leave your rational, tired brain behind and explore with your senses a world beyond your imagination! Now that's a vacation!

(P.S. In the poem, "Congos" is the local name for "Howler Monkeys", whose voices are the loudest in the natural world, carrying over 17 miles!)

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