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The Sanctuary

a miraculous co-creation with

Source energies activated by

a heartfelt intention

for our individual and collective

healing and transformation


The spirit of the land has a consciousness in service to this intention

and all who come here feel it

The clean peaceful energy gently embraces

 allowing for a deep surrender into presence

making one feel safe and at home



The Sanctuary works in

inexplicable ways to empower

one's innermost feelings and prayers

for a deeper, fuller expression, 

self-realization and

connection to purpose



We invite you

to experience

a grander context for Life on this precious planet and be inspired

Whether you stay for a personal retreat, or  share in classes, workshops or events

Solfeggio awaits



Dina Delaini

It is my deepest intent for you to feel the magic and wonder of this precious planetary jewel, and experience a restoration of Body, Mind and Spirit that will feed you from the inside out wherever you go!

Annie Gordon

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

A Message from the Heart of Solfeggio

Everything is co-creation, as no-thing is separate from another and every-thing is in-relationship all-ways, just as the giant Ceiba tree in the sanctuary forest grew from a tiny seed supported by the infinite intelligence of Nature and Cosmos.


At this time we are all being called to sing out loud deeply and fully, not just with our voice but with our whole life. Uni-verse translates as One Song. When we finally learn to sing our song, the one we came here to sing, it naturally resonates in harmony with the energy of all Creation.


Solfeggio Retreats, now Solfeggio Sanctuary, is no longer hosting week long retreats. However we continue to support the unfolding of our individual and collective song by hosting classes, events and 3-day workshops; and offering a safe container for short term personal retreats in which to birth your own unique song and expression. And, nothing is more supported by the universe than your own unique gift of service to what elevates us all, no matter how humble or small.


With a heart full of gratitude for the opportunity to serve this intention through the inexplicable magic of Solfeggio Sanctuary…

With Love All-Ways,


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