The Yoga of Sound & Qigong Retreat

"immerse yourself in two ancient healing practices"


Sound Yoga

is at the core of

the ancient

Indian Science of Music.

February 10 to 17

In the mountains of


Dynamic South

Pacific Coast!



is at the core of

the ancient art

and science of

Chinese Medicine.

Join, Master Yoga of Sound Teacher, Shanti Shivani and Certified Qigong Teacher, Dina Delaini

for a unique retreat exploring and unlocking your innate healing.

Your co-hosts will weave together exercises and practices

in creative, fun and profound ways using

voice, movement, color, music, mantras, mandala, improvisation, sound healing

visualization, breath and intention


- How to - 

  • Sing with your whole body

  • Connect with your authentic voice

  • Improve coordination and memory

  • Enhance perception, creativity and intuition

  • Shift and balance your energy throughout your day

  • Heal and integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Solfeggio's beautiful Zen sanctuary, surrounded by nurturing tropical rainforest and awe-inspiring nature, will hold you in an embrace of peace, harmony and hushed awe, allowing for the inner journey to unfold.

We will be offering three delicious, lovingly prepared, organic vegetarian meals and two yummy snacks everyday. 




You will also have an opportunity to experience the best of Costa Rica

and fall in love with this tropical jewel!

-Included Activities- 

Solfeggio's signature Educational Rainforest Hike with a local expert

Swimming at a beautiful waterfall and time at the beach to take in the dynamic beauty of Costa Rica's Costa Ballena aka: "Whale Coast".

Additional Activities

Sound Healing Journey

Night of Kirtan

Qigong and Sunset Meditations

Time under the moon and stars

Free time to relax in the dipping pool,

in a hammock to read, journal or nap!

Optional Extra Nights

You are welcome to stay one or two nights extra after the retreat.

Stay to integrate all you've experienced!

Both Shivani and Dina

will be available for private instruction.

Shivani will also offer one-on-one

Sound Healings.

Or choose to explore our extraordinary

Pacific southern coast !

This 7 night Transformational Adventure includes:

  • One round-trip group van ride from the SJO airport to Solfeggio 

  • Creative classes, activities and outings designed to explore within and without

  • Comfortable Zen accommodations and healthy, delicious meals

Early Bird Special $1850

ends November 30, 2017

After Nov. 30th 

this special retreat will be


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Dina Delaini

Dina Delaini, Founder of Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary, has lived in Costa Rica since 2000. Immersed in the healing energies of this tropical planetary jewel, Dina experienced a transformation that catalyzed the vision, motivation and on-going expression of Solfeggio Retreats. She has been practicing the ancient Daoist art of Qigong for 11 years, and has been a practicing certified teacher of Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong and Organ Cleansing Qigong for 7 years.


Dina is a dedicated student of Daoism and her love of the energy arts lead her to obtain a Level I certification in Integrative Energy Therapy in 2007, Advanced Reiki Certification in 2009, and Level 1 certification in Healing Touch Therapy in 2010.

Dina will be sharing "Tibetan Sound Healing for Women" during this retreat, as well as, Qigong to empower and support your health, wellbeing and a deep sense of connection and flow. 


"It is my deepest intent for you to feel the magic and wonder of Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary and experience a restoration of body, mind and spirit.

And may the empowering practices you learn here be a blessing to you and all those around you!"

Dina Delaini

Shanti Shivani

Shanti Shivani is one of the few Western pioneers bringing the sacred traditions of Nada Yoga and Dhrupad, the most ancient style of Hindustani classical music, to the West. She brings a wealth of vocal, meditative, movement and experience to her classes and performances. Since 1981, Shanti has been the disciple, or parampara, student of the premier family of the Dhrupad lineage, the Dagar family, who has been passing on the Dhrupad tradition for twenty generations.

She spent 8 years in India studying and practicing Shaivism and Tibetan Buddhism along with her Dhrupad studies and is currently a disciple of Swamini Swatmavidyananda of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati's advaita vedanta lineage. 


On her quest for healing and self-realization through sound, she also studied with renowned Western musicians and sound healers such as Fabien Maman of the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. 

Frédérick Leboyer, the late European father of natural childbirth, with whom she collaborated for several years in Europe, was a key mentor for her. Leboyer helped her to understand the profound connection between voice, breath and movement   

and she has been teaching his "Art of Breathing" all over the world since 1986.

Shivani also dedicated herself to learning different forms of movement disciplines; Hatha Yoga, Wholistic Body/Mind training, Qi Gong, Wu Chi, Tao Yin Fa, Unity in Motion with acclaimed Asian, European and American teachers. 

Shanti Shivani has been teaching internationally since 1986, and performing Dhrupad, sacred music from various traditions; Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Gregorian, Hebrew, and World Fusion Music all over the world since 1993. She has been performing in concert and at festivals such as the World Sacred Music Festival in Los Angeles since 1989. Shanti also has several albums to her credit and has been recording as a solo artist and in collaboration with many World Music artists since 1997. Shanti is currently living in Eugene, Oregon.

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