Solfeggio Retreats nourish, empower and inspire...


Enhancing an essential connection to the natural rhythms of Earth and Sky


Sharing healing modalities and practices restoring inner balance and igniting the body’s innate healing capacities


Empowering responsibility for health and healing on all levels mental/emotional, physical and spiritual with the holistic self-care practice of Qigong


Offering a comfortable Zen sanctuary inspiring heart-opened presence and childlike wonder


Serving lovingly-prepared healthy organic meals grown and raised in our vibrant rural area


Offering a variety of experiences that layer, build and deepen an unfolding journey

Holding a space of simplicity, light-heartedness, collective healing and reverence for all life


Are you a Teacher with students or a Group of friends?

Our Sanctuary is available to host your Special Retreat.












A Message from Solfeggio's Owner & Creator


Solfeggio  was birthed of a heartfelt intention to offer others the opportunity to experience the Costa Rica I've come to know so intimately, while sharing practices I have found so valuable and profound. From experiencing nature in balance, exuberant and stunningly beautiful, to practices that bring balance such as Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and more...


It is my deepest intent for you to feel the magic and wonder of this precious planetary jewel and experience a restoration of body, mind, and spirit that will feed you from the inside out wherever you go from here!


Pura Vida!




July 2014