Special Workshop Add-Ons


When you stay at Solfeggio for 4 nights or more, you have the opportunity to add a unique workshop, available to groups of 6 or more people.

Think about how much memorable and fun it would be to have a private workshop of your choice to share with a group of friends or family members! 

Each retreat has a special theme with 2 suggested add-on choices for outings.  

All-inclusive 7 night stay includes: 

1 - roundtrip group van ride from SJO to Solfeggio, accommodations, mostly organic vegetarian  meals, yummy treats, classes, workshops and activities!

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Come Play Qigong! 

"in the energy of everything!"

If everything is energy, doesn’t it make sense to have a practice that attunes, refines, and cultivates your relationship to energy? Reframing the context of who we are, we will play in the playground of the energy of everything! 


This retreat will introduce you to the simple, yet profound, practice of Qigong (life force cultivation). Learn practices and techniques that will expand your sense of response-ability and possibility, while enhancing and supporting an empowered sense of flow and confidence. 


Come recharge your batteries, connect to your innate wisdom and have fun doing it! Break away from your routine to try something new and fun! You will leave feeling inspired, and with a toolkit of practices to support and empower you wherever you go from here!

Included activities:

Daily Qigong classes

Our signature Educational Rainforest Tour with local expert

Night of Live Music Under the Stars!

Interactive Mini-workshops: Taoism/Daoism, The Power of Intention & Energy Management

2 Trips: (choose from our offerings)

Spectacular Waterfall, Gorgeous Beach, Vibrant Local Market



Available but not included are Massage and Reflexology

Eco-Educational Retreat

This is a great vacation retreat for families with children 6 years old and up, as it offers you a rare opportunity to disconnect from an electronic world, and share precious time tuning into nature and experiencing the wisdom of a humble culture.  

Included Activities:

Our signature Educational Rainforest Hike into the heart of the sanctuary, with Jennifer Smith, Founder of  (ACCT) Community Carbon Trees - Costa Rica.  (Learn More)

Trip to the sweet local pueblo of La Reina to meet and interact with members of a sustainable cooperative, who work with Community Carbon Trees. They will share how they make organic dirt, tour their tree nursery for reforestation project, learn about the medicinal trees and plants, and view their collection of Pre-Colombian artifacts. See how they make "jugo de caña" from organic sugar cane and enjoy this wonderful sweet, green drink full of vitamins and minerals. Have a healthy lunch straight from their gardens, which may include chicken or fresh water shrimp. Go swimming in a river. (Learn More) 

Trip to Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, a rescue and rehabilitation center with on-site veterinary clinic for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. They release as many animals as we possibly, however, provide lifetime care to those that cannot return to the wild.

Optional Add-Ons Included:

  • Volunteer at ACCT's tree nursery (There's a regular kids' program on Monday afternoons)

  • Trip to the beach

  • Qigong and Yoga Classes, Massage and Reflexology

All-Inclusive accommodations,

delicious organic meals & yummy treats

all classes and activities!

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A Retreat for Wonder-Women 

"Come, embrace your childlike wonder!"

This retreat is an invitation to your inner child to come play in the energy of everything! There's no better place to embrace play than at Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary! Women of all ages, bring your adventurous spirit and childlike eyes to explore within and without. We'll journey through a week-long retreat specially designed to en-"lighten", ignite imagination and enhance intuition. You will leave with a new sense of presence, flow and play! 

We’ll explore a Tropical Rainforest

Play Qigong daily 

Enjoy 2 yoga classes 

Engage in creative arts

Dance around a campfire

Play with Sound Healing & Crystals

Picnic at a waterfall

Play at the beach!

Also available but not included are Massage and Reflexology