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Solfeggio Qigong Retreat  2015

~ Nueve Mujeres ~ 

Qigong Costa Rica Experience!


My first introduction to Qigong at Solfeggio has opened my heart, mind, body and soul. Dina has created an incredibly beautiful environment in the midst of buzzing nature. Every structure accommodates the natural landscape, while providing human creature comforts in the details. Thank you, Dina, for holding space for each of us to grow in clarity and authenticity. I feel deeply connected to this place, these women and the earth.

Rose Casey, (Psychotherapist) New Mexico

Dina’s attention to detail far surpassed my expectation of the haven that I was traveling to. I was/am depleted by city living and stress. The land has nurtured me back to healthy thoughts. I need to move!

Brenda Krueger, (Nurse) Lexington, KY


Solfeggio is the perfect balance of nature and comfort. Dina has beautiful taste and blesses everything she touches. Every aspect of my trip, from the delicious food, learning Qigong and meeting wonderful women to hikes and encounters with nature has been so restorative for me. Thank you, Dina, for my experience here. I want to come back.

Mary Ferguson, (Accountant) Lexington, KY

My heart, body and soul totally connected to this absolutely most beautiful place. The trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, animals – the mountains, air, the ocean – all helped to heal my heart. But the Ceiba Tree most of all!!! Dina truly has created peace on earth. Her consciousness and the group’s consciousness has helped to raise mine…. May this help to raise the consciousness of all…and help save our Mother Earth.

Judy McKinney, (Real Estate Agent) Vermont

Dina has created a mini paradise here at Solfeggio. No stone has been left unturned…. So much thought was put into the careful creation of this beautiful finca. Hundreds of butterflies were attracted to all the beautiful flowers…
Carol L. Noyes, (Botanist) Vermont


Solfeggio is indeed a place of peace, serenity, spirituality and incredible natural beauty. Dina has developed the land in such a way to enhance nature without spoiling it. Adding Qigong and ceremonies to the setting is truly magical. The women who were attracted to come to this wonderful retreat were also natural additions to the spiritual and natural essence of Solfeggio. Thank you so much, Dina!

June Western, (Holistic Health Practitioner)

San Diego, CA


Last Day at Solfeggio

Nueve Mujeres, Thank You!

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