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Solfeggio Qigong Testimonials

Enza Gaumond

Yoga Teacher & Retired High School Teacher

 Canada & Costa Rica

"Dina's profound connection and deep understanding of the mystery, the power, and beauty of the earth and the interconnectedness of all of life shines through in her and her teaching of Qigong.  Her articulate, insightful, poetic and often playful delivery allows each student to experience the easy flow of qi energy not only within their bodies but as a beautiful web of energy connecting to all of life.  Dina's ability to create this rich experience of intimacy, is what truly awakens, inspires and nourishes the heart....And for all of this, I feel very blessed and grateful.  Thank you, Dina."


Quebec, Canada & Costa Rica

Susie Almgren

"I've had the pleasure of taking weekly classes with Dina for 3 years now. I have many years of all kinds of classes under my belt with all kinds of teachers, and I can say she is a natural and gifted one.  


Firstly, she truly embodies what she's teaching, in body and spirit. She is articulate, wise, grounded, intuitive and deeply caring, and while I am always touched by our sessions I also appreciate the good, shared belly laughs!


She is an extraordinary host, always going the extra mile to offer delicious herb-infused refreshment and healthful snacks. The place she's created for practice is elegant, peaceful and so beautiful it is healing in and of itself.


I always look forward to classes at Solfeggio, and always come home renewed. I can only imagine how wonderful - literally! - a week's retreat would be!"

Jenny Smith, J.D.

Founder/President, Association Community Carbon Trees  

"Dina graces our small international community with soothing Chi Gong practices that surprise me each time with new discoveries, because I'm learning something new at a point in my life where I was comfortable and even satiated by my 27 year yoga practice....


Dina's Chi Gong offerings have definitely contributed to better health for me. I can just feel more flowing energy. I feel quieter, more in tune to myself. I see myself enjoying flowing relationships.


After a year and half of practicing as regularly as I can with Dina and on my own, I discover that Chi Gong is soothing and balancing me in ways that yoga never did alone. There is a new level of letting go and releasing, deprogramming that Dina has introduced me to, not only with the movements, but also with her regular Taoist philosophy sharing at the beginning of each class.


Dina takes us deeper and deeper and I think everyone who keeps practicing begins to feel how connected we are, how well we can be when we are being aware of our thoughts, and ideas that go with each movement.


Chi Gong practice with Dina has shown me where inner stillness lies, acceptance, love and power within oneself. What a gift Dina is to all of us."

Susan Eddings

U.S. & Costa Rica

"I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 23 years. Seven months ago I started a conscious journey to eliminate fibromyalgia from my body and mindset. I am happy I have been very successful with using natural methods of healing to accomplish this. 


One of the methods I have tried with great results is Qigong with Dina. Her classes have not only been beneficial to me on a physical level, but also the emotional support from the group is exactly what I needed to forge ahead. 


Her classes are held in the most beautiful of environments and the healing, pervasive energy surrounds everyone who goes there. The art of Qigong in and of itself is a powerful tool for healing, add that with the warmth and open heart of Dina's personality and her expertise in the art and you literally have magic."

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