Solfeggio Qigong

Our Qigong Classes, Workshops and Retreats introduce the beginner to simple, accessible forms of holistic, self-care based in moving and still forms of Meditation, Daoist Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.


These forms are not just beautiful moving meditations, calming body, mind and spirit, they are moving metaphors for how to live life, a language of sorts that enhances our ability to express emotions in a compassionate, healthy manner. Over time, these practices cultivate inner awareness, as they subtly integrate and balance us physically, mentally emotionally, energetically and spiritually. 


Using the power of intention and visualization, breath and movement or postures, we learn how to "co-create with energy" to optimize our health and well-being, achieving deep relaxation, mental clarity and focus through refined energy management and attunement.


Ultimately, a dedicated Qigong practice empowers us in all life's relationships ~ enhancing our ability to handle whatever comes our way, turning our biggest challenges into welcomed opportunities for growth and creativity. Remarkably, a simple daily practice of Qigong can develop our ability to see and feel the creative energy of the universe at work and play in our daily lives.

Essential to radiant health, wholeness and self-realization is the cultivation of self-love. Quite simply, the energy of love heals and makes whole. The following practices deepen understanding of how to love and care for ourselves. Give yourself the gift of a steadfast practice that supports and empowers you in your own self-healing on all levels. You are worth it!

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong

An empowering, holistic, self-care health program created just for women,

by Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Qigong Therapist, Daisy Lee.


After experiencing the short-comings of Western medicine in the treatment of a close family member, Daisy Lee was called to the ancient wisdom of her ancestors. Studying qigong with Master Teachers in Tibet, China and the West culminated in a profound practice that supports women in all stages of life to attain optimum, "radiant" health and wellbeing.


Radiant Lotus is an important practice for women with menstrual issues, perimenopausal discomfort, emotional and hormonal imbalances, uterine or breast lumps, cysts or cancer. RLWQ is a medicine-less modality that has the potential to break up cysts and tumors, supports the immune and endocrine systems while enhancing overall wellbeing. The practice also supports and empowers women to embrace all of who they are, reduce stress, align with their truth, create good boundaries, connect to their intuition and gifts, so they may face all of life's challenges with grace!


A week long retreat dives deeply into the full RLWQ practice ~ from shaking, tapping, cupping and self-massage, to Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, secret longevity techniques & medical qigong, "vertical alignment", "neutral compassion", emotional balancing techniques, moving & still meditations and intentions to powerful Tibetan Sound Healing for Women, entrusted to Daisy to bring to the women of the West and the beautiful form of "Lotus Rises from the Water" and the life-affirming "Kwan Yin Prayer".


Taught by certified RLWQ & Level II Instructor, Dina Delaini

For more on Daisy Lee and her work visit:

Organ Cleansing Qigong

A form of Zhang Fu Gong taught by Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee based in the 5 Elements of Daoist Theory ~ Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood ~ each one associated with an organ, emotion, virtue, movement, color and more. We work in the "wei qi" field, our "guardian qi" or the layer of energy immediately surrounding the body . This energy is our first line of defense against outside pathogens, such as viruses, extreme climate and emotional attacks. Our wei qi is created and influenced by emotions, our diet and lifestyle, as well. 


In this Organ Cleansing routine, we use focused awareness, visualization, intention, movement and breath to help release toxins, blockages and stagnations from the organ energy systems and fields, facilitating a dynamic balance while strengthening and boosting the immune system and our layer of guardian energy.


Organ Cleansing Qigong's beautiful flowing movements and intentions evoke an intimate exchange with the natural world, and open us up to experience the deeper giving and receiving of this relationship, helping to harmonize body, mind and spirit.


Taught by certified OCQ Instructor, Dina Delaini

Elegant Flow Qigong

For men and women: A flowing mix of moving metaphors infused with breath, focused awareness, intention and visualization. Woven from a number of Qigong practices, together they weave a cellular story of life in dynamic balance.


The practice assists one to ground, center and align energetically, and begin to develop personal energy awareness. Using this awareness we start growing our observer-self to cultivate our ability to be with what is. This supports the release of stuck energy in the body, and is followed by a greater sense of flow and physical movement.  


Next, we begin to play, explore, expand and infuse our body, mind and spirit with a sense of creativity and potential. And, we end by gathering in the energy we have built, and grounding our experience in a place inner stillness, authenticity and connection.


This form, shared by Dina Delaini, honors the wisdom and grace of many Qigong teachers, practitioners and Masters past and present. With special gratitude and appreciation to Daisy Lee, Francesco Garripoli, Sifu Pragata, Andrew McNair and many others for their wise, insightful lessons contributing to "The Flow".