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Embrace> v. “To clasp or hold close with the arms. To surround; enclose: The warm water embraced us. To include as part of something broader. To take up willingly or eagerly.” The American Heritage Dictionary definition

Yes! When Annie Gordon, my retreat partner, came up with this name for our retreat, I loved it! It soon resounded everywhere in my life. In fact, “Embrace!” has become the all-compassing theme of my life since with reflections and fractals throughout.

The EMBRACE! Retreat will share the profound wisdom and practices of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, a medical qigong incorporating self-nurturing practices and techniques that support women in embracing all of who they are. These practices invoke, develop and strengthen compassion for self, which creates balance, optimum health and wellbeing.

The beauty of all this is ~ Never had I needed the practice more or felt more appreciative of its profound support, until I had to face the many business challenges, as well as what I needed to embrace on a personal level in order to deliver “EMBRACE!” – See what I mean - HA!

Of course, this has strengthened and crystallized my purpose to share this amazing practice with you! Qigong practices are at the heart of Solfeggio, as well as yoga and meditation. They have nurtured its conception and creation, and will continue to nurture its fruition and on-going evolution.

These practices impart an empowered sense of personal responsibility and resilience.

They teach us how to nurture self-care and self-love, so we may fully Embrace, “take up willingly or eagerly to include as part of something broader” all of who we are, in turn, creating a profound sense of ease, wellbeing and grounded grace and flow!

Obviously, our retreat includes so much more and just spending a week experiencing the best of Costa Rica is worth the trip! So...

Come to Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary for the “EMBRACE!” Retreat to be nourished, empowered and inspired, while having fun in the process!

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