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Special Tribute to a Contributor to the Path

Sending out a sky-full of gratitude to a dear friend who now dances on the other side of life, Dianne Metzger, whose wisdom and lessons helped guide my path during a major life transition. Dianne skillfully shared a lifetime of hard-earned insights and knowledge, adept at quoting Buddha, Carl Jung, Rumi, Rilke and Yoda from Star Wars.

Dianne had a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. She was a 6-foot tall lioness, a bull in a china shop, a New Jersey born, New York City chick, advocate of the down-trodden and unempowered. She worked doggedly for causes she believed in, writing and receiving grants for start-up programs. She was a survivor and an aspiring good Buddhist.

After being operated on for stage IV brain cancer, doctors told her she had 3 to 4 months to live. It was then this hardened city chick, asked to come visit me in Costa Rica for 3 months. She came and stayed 8 months; blown-away by the bio-diversity and inter-connectedness of nature's high-rise jungle, she relaxed into the embrace of its healing energy and went on to find community and ways to contribute.

It was Dianne's determination to have a Qigong practice to enhance her health and longevity that manifested our first teacher, a gift I will be eternally grateful for, as I knew in the first moments of class that I would practice Qigong the rest of my life.

Dianne lived 5 years longer than her initial diagnosis of 3-4 months. She spoke of the gift of cancer, laughing about how she had to stay in the present moment because she had no short term memory. Later, while living with her mom in New Jersey, she loved how she couldn't "bitch" about her without losing her words or getting tongue-tied.

In the end, she was the good Buddhist she aspired to be, and her impact on my life is honored by the path I have taken. Love you, Dianne! Wherever you are, I'm sure you're in service to something!

Come to Solfeggio, take the leap! Be blown-away by the diversity of nature's high-rise jungle and experience the healing energy, awe and childlike wonder this special place inspires!

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