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Embracing the Process

Around 12 years ago, I committed to living my life as consciously as I could, because I could no longer go on living the way I was being motivated by fear. This path lead me to become a student of energy and how it manifests in my body and relationships.

Since then, I've experienced how my conscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs can impact my body and life. How physical issues and outside relationships impact the quality of my thoughts, and how energy delivers this information between the two; and if it's not fluid, imbalances occur.

This is why I have so much respect for energy work such as Qigong, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Healing Touch Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, massage etc., because whether one's issue is physical or mental/emotional, working with our energy is an integral place to start, precisely because it is the mind-body link. Using energy modalities to help unlock and release energy/information held in the heart, mind, body and spirit allows for our own special, self-healing to take place.

That said, this past July an old, deep behavioral pattern resurfaced in a close relationship and I felt drawn to work with my friend and Reiki Master, Victoria. I was confident her intuition and skill as an energy worker would help me release what I mentally could not get a hold of to pull out!

As I lay on Victoria's massage table, I was reminded it takes courage to breathe deeply to release pain, to be vulnerable and present to my experience. I sobbed as she facilitated the release of long held energy... fleeting memories, feelings buried so deep in my heart and lungs I couldn't completely name or understand them. However, in that moment, she helped me release another layer of resistance to loving fully and completely. For days afterward, I felt incredibly light, so grateful for Victoria and also for listening to the intuition prompting me to seek her out.

In the end, all healing is self-healing and the work continues. It's as simple as identifying a stress-filled thought, as complex as uncovering a buried memory, a misinterpretation of a child's mind, a mother's emotional imprint upon her child in the womb, or a past life brought forward.

I was fortunate to have had a quiet wake-up call. To see I had a choice to heal myself rather than continue to suffer an unconscious life on autopilot. We decide to make this journey, to be our own best friend, to hold our inner child, to commit to “making the darkness light”.

Because of my commitment, I've had the opportunity to experience a variety of different energy healing modalities. Each of them has revealed another piece of the puzzle, as well as the multi-dimensional framework integrating my experiences and expanding the context of who I am.

To be in this larger context I have to let go of who I think I am, let go of insecurities and trust in the underlying beauty, love, peace and flow “that is” just waiting for me to arrive and experience freedom. To live immersed in and from this grander context is an on-going process, and becomes a really good reason for living a long healthy life - Ha-Ha!

But seriously more than anything, I believe each of us needs to remember we're all just a beautiful work in-progress, so Embrace the process!

Come to Solfeggio to learn nurturing self-care Qigong practices that will support and empower your unfolding beauty and resilience for challenging times!

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