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Cultivating Stillness

How does one cultivate stillness and why should they?

If we are constantly busy, always seeking activity or interaction with others, constantly listening to music or watching TV, when do we ever get a chance to be with a deeper part of our self? It’s difficult at best.

When we cultivate stillness we give our body, heart and mind a chance to give up their stories. Cultivating stillness creates space for the release of old patterns that keep us stuck in unproductive behaviors and unconscious responses. Cultivating stillness creates a calm surface where we can actually “observe the wind of our thoughts stir up the waves of emotion over the ocean of our body”.

Cultivating stillness allows our emotional intelligence to rise to the surface. It helps us connect to our body’s innate wisdom, and if we are patient and kind with ourselves, steadfast to a practice or activity that cultivates stillness, we can even connect to the wisdom of the universe residing within each of us.

Cultivating stillness can be as simple as connecting with a few deep, slow, gentle and smooth breaths throughout your day. Cultivating stillness on a deeper level takes commitment and courage. Why courage? Because most of us are afraid to be still. Afraid of what we might see, Afraid we might lose something…. Afraid we might even die if we slow down enough to quiet the ongoing chatter in our head.

The thing is, we will see things we may not like about ourselves. We may see how we point out these unwanted things in others. We may see the diversionary patterns that keep us from doing meaningful work or facing our fears. We will see a lot! However, we don’t lose anything. In fact we gain the ability to release unproductive behaviors, addictions and patterns that obviously don’t support us.

And… we don’t die when we lose the chatter and white noise in our heads, in fact we gain. We gain the person we came here to be. We gain an internal wisdom we never knew we had. We gain a caring for all the unnecessary stresses we put upon our self! When we actively care for our discomfort enough to do healthy things to release it, an internal wisdom naturally arises to support our everyday lives and bolsters us in the most challenging of times.

Come to Solfeggio to practice self-care, cultivate stillness and allow your innate wisdom to rise!

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