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Stillness: Shifting Into Neutral

When I experience stillness it's easy to see how the energies of pushing/pulling or giving and receiving (all opposing forces) are gradients of the same energy acted upon by consciousness, which in turn create the dynamic dance of my life. Stillness is the space between two opposing

but complementary forces, and even the space has different layers.

Stillness can happen in a grounded centered moment between thoughts, where all forces unite in a state of neutrality, no one force dominating another and resonant harmony is created. When I slow my breath down and deeply relax, it's even possible to tap into a formlessness and be peacefully suspended in space and time.

Stillness happens in my everyday life when I'm not holding too tight or feeling a need to “push” an agenda more important than breathing deeply, staying relaxed, grounded, open and receptive. It's surprising how much I can get done in a day, how much more energy I have or clarity and fluidity my life has when I cultivate stillness.

Stillness allows me to shift into neutral and come into a heart-centered space where I meet my inner wisdom and connect to my deepest authenticity. Stillness and shifting into neutral helps me to acknowledge and let go of my unproductive thoughts, be aware of and change unconscious

energetic patterns developed over a lifetime (certainly an on-going lifetime process)!

In this place of inner stillness and neutrality a shift happens where I become the observer of my experience better able see and meet what's most needed in the moment and better able to choose how I respond, or not respond, in any given moment or situation. The more I practice stillness the more I find my innate wisdom naturally rises to the surface and it becomes the source of my strength and a wellspring of support.

The beauty is we can all create inner stillness and a sense of neutrality that empowers our choices and supports a deeper sense of flow in the dynamic dance of life. We can empower ourselves by

choosing to create stillness in our lives.

Come to Solfeggio to learn and enjoy practices cultivating energy awareness, stillness and the innate wisdom living within each of us!

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