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Retreat  Possibilities

Nauyaca Waterfall


A Qigong Costa Rica Experience


Relax and Sync up with the Rhythms of Nature.

Come experience the special healing energy of a tropical rainforest and

a slice of open-hearted, rural Costa Rican culture.


Learn a beautiful form of Qigong, attuning and enhancing connection to subtle energies while practicing in natural environments ~ beach, forest, river, waterfall 

Enjoy connecting with some of our local human treasures 

Eat locally grown and raised organic meals

All sure to raise your vibration!


Take a Guided Hike in a tropical rainforest ~ Learn about indigenous medicinals

Visit a local pueblo to view their collection of pre-Colombian artifacts

Swim in Nauyaca Waterfall &  Spend a day at the beach

Enjoy a vibrant local Farmer’s Market


To enhance your Qi flow throughout the week consider Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, all-natural and a perfect complement to Qigong.


Our Qigong Costa Rica Experience is an earthy journey designed to connect you to our collective heart and soul, while igniting a memory of roots long forgotten!


Ceiba Trail at Solfeggio


Grassroots Journey to Optimal Health & Wellbeing


A retreat designed to impact your health and healing

in an exponential way by offering harmonizing practices, modalities,

and activities connecting you with earth and sky the forces of 

that ultimately nourish, balance, restore and energize all life!


Experience the profound benefits of the ancient healthcare system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the empowering self-care practice of Qigong.



  • Health evaluations, consultations and daily treatments, drawing upon a variety of modalities provided by our Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Learning forms of Qigong to support your treatments and empower self-healing on all levels.

  • Lovingly prepared, organic meals locally grown and raised in beautiful environments, enhancing the quality of its “qi” and ability to nourish the body.

  • Indigenous Costa Rican medicinal teas, fruit smoothies and tonics tailored to your specific needs

  • Mini-classes in Daoist Philosophy, Science Behind TCM, Medicinal Plants, and Energy Management 101 

  • Sacred Ceremonies, Sundown Meditation, Restorative Yin Yoga, Massage, Sound Healing, a Night of Live Music, Visit a Spectacular Waterfall, vibrant Farmer’s Market, and spend a day at the beach or optional day class in Chinese Brush Painting at the Whimsical Casa Artistica.


If you are working with a health challenge, this retreat will support your journey to wellness, leaving you with increased vitality plus a map and compass

to guide you on your path to optimal health and wellbeing.



A Very Special Retreat for Women

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong


In this month of love, gift yourself a truly loving practice specially designed for women

in all stages of life. An essential practice for hormonal imbalances,

uterine and breast fibroids, cysts and tumors, period pain, hot flashes, and more, 

RLWQ supports and empowers a compassionate journey to

Radiant Health and Wellbeing.


Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong supports the release of mental/emotional energies that create blockages and stagnations in the body, helping to remove impediments to optimum health, while enhancing vitality and creating flexibility and fluidity of Heart, Mind and Body. It also boosts the immune system and can prevent dis-ease. 


You’ll learn Tibetan Sound Healing for Women, a powerful practice for balancing 

hormones and has the potential to break up cysts and tumors. You will learn Emotional Balancing and Release Techniques, as well as Vertical Alignment and Neutral Compassion practices to strengthen and support the ability to stay grounded and aligned in stressful and emotional situations. The lovely Lotus Rises from the Waters is a moving metaphor for how all life’s challenges feed us once we embrace both our light and our dark, and the beautiful Kuan Yin Prayer closes the practice with love and gratitude.  

May this exercise remind you of your true nature as loving, empowered individuals

Daisy Lee


Your practice and healing journey will be supported by treatments from Physician of Chinese Medicine, Annie Gordon, who’s been successful in helping women with a variety of issues, including infertility, hormonal imbalances, period pain and menopausal symptoms.


We have created a rich experience for you, with profound ceremonies holding a container for your healing journey, valuable classes, meaningful activities and creative, expressive & healing arts, all serving to ground transformation in the Sacred Feminine.



Sisters Embracing Sacred Gifts


A week of practices, activities and events for our shared

Creativity, Inspiration and Empowerment!


Embracing our light and dark empowers us to bring forth

Our gifts to share, transforming ourselves and the world around us.


Together we will call forth, celebrate, honor and embrace Our Sacred Gifts 

in Ceremony, Qigong, Yoga and Meditational practices 

Journaling Exercises and Storytelling

Journey in search of Your Spirit Animal

Gather in a Sound Healing Circle, Have a Crystal Reading

Dance and Sing under the Moon and Stars!

Connect with empowered local women making a difference locally and globally.

Visit a rural Costa Rican Women’s Collective dedicated to

self-reliance through life-sustaining practices 

 Offer service to a reforestation project

Visit rivers, waterfalls and ocean


All designed to deepen our connection to our Shared Sacred Gifts!

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and massage available. 



Ceiba Tree & Woman~Child


Connect to Your Inner Child


Invite and encourage your Inner Child into the present

to spontaneously Live, Love and Play


 Let go of all preconceived ideas and old stories to nurture a childlike innocence and wonder. Together we’ll unfold a story based in the present, immersed in inspiring nature, loving practices, truly nourishing food, natural medicine and all grounded in soulful practices and activities ~ enhancing our sense of Play as Flow.


Journey through a week-long retreat specially designed to en-lighten

while igniting imagination and intuition.

We’ll Explore a Tropical Rainforest, Play Qigong, Enjoy some Yoga, 

Engage in Creative Arts, Song, Storytelling, Improv,

Dance like no one’s looking, picnic at a waterfall and play at the beach,

arriving at last in the shelter of our shared Heart and Soul.


Our Physician of Chinese Medicine, also our Improv Diva, and our Massage Therapists

are available to help free your qi, for a younger you – YAY!



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