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Upcoming Retreats

Nauyaca Waterfall

All-Inclusive: 7-nights, accommodations, meals, activities and events

$1650 - $1950

Add additional nights to your retreat to relax or explore on your own!

December 5 – 12, 2015


"A Qigong Costa Rica Experience”


Activities include:


Guided Hike with Founder of Community Carbon Trees, Jenny Smith to learn about the fascinating relationships of a tropical rainforest


Learn about indigenous medicinals and food as medicine. 


You'll visit:

a local pueblo to view their collection of pre-Columbian artifacts 


Vibrant local market, "Vida Autentica"


Nauyaca Waterfall through the backdoor, taking a cable car over the river


Spend a day at the beach to swim, have a private yoga class 

Optional :"Tropical Art" class with Ruby Kim at Jazzy's River House

(details in "Activity Options")


Daily Sundown Meditation


Inspiring Ceremonies


Sound Healing Cirlce


Crystal Readings


Time under the Stars


To enhance your "Qi flow" throughout the week, consider Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, an ad-on package and a perfect complement to Qigong.


Our Qigong Costa Rica Experience is an earthy journey designed to connect 

you to our collective heart and soul, while igniting a memory of roots long forgotten!

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