Payment & Cancellation Policies 

The following are guidelines and the first step to experiencing

the Retreat of a Lifetime! 

When you are ready to gift yourself the extraordinary experience of Solfeggio,

you need only make a non-refundable deposit of $200 US to embrace your space! 

Next, three months out from the date of your chosen retreat, you will need to make a payment of half the retreat cost, minus the $200 you've already deposited.

By two months out from the date of your chosen retreat, you will need to make the final deposit of the balance due of your chosen retreat.

If for some unforeseen reason, you have to cancel your retreat after the final payment has been madewe will only be able to refund half the retreat cost. We recommend looking into "travelers' insurance" to cover any unexpected need to cancel your retreat.

Ready to take the first step and discover why we say,

"Heaven & Earth come together in the heart of Solfeggio!"

For the specific payment details of your desired retreat

The photo to left is the Ceiba tree at the heart of the sanctuary grounds. To ancient Mayan people, the ceiba tree was sacred, as they saw it connecting the earth with the heavens above.

When we are grounded like a  great Ceiba Tree, we can reach and grow to our highest potential 

and even manifest heaven on earth!