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Past  Retreats

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Living Bamboo Treehouse Workshop

with Bamboo Educator & Innovator

Henry Glenn of Finca Bamboo

in Cuervito de Pavones Osa, Costa Rica


Eco Yoga Retreat.jpg

Eco-Yoga Retreat

Hosted by Kellie Codianan,

Founder of Divinely Rooted Yoga Therapy Studio

and Julie  McMahon-Bailis

Founder of Replenish Reflexology & Healing Arts Studio


Casey Ceiba.jpg

Earth Connections Retreat

Hosted by Laurin Wolf

Owner of Kala Yoga Studio

and Jason Maraschiello

Founder of Higher Potential Living

Business & Personal Development

Toronto, Canada

MoveSense Be


Hosted by Georgia Maxine Sanford

and Vanessa Soudan

Dance, Pilates, Yoga

New York City

The Space Between Retreat.jpg

The Space Between Retreat

Hosted by Ayrlie MacEachern

Creator & Organizer @ Big Heart Dance Camp

Co-Founder & Facilitator Magic Imaginerium Adventures in Art

& Nicole Hambleton

Founder of Purple Tent Wellness

Ontario, Canada



Bamboo Immersion

Hosted by Trey Abernathy

Founder of Natural Building Costa Rica

Ceiba 2.jpg


Divinely Root & Replenish Retreat

Hosted by Julie Bailis & Kellie Codianan

Elemental Energies Retreat.JPG


Elemental Medicine Retreat

Hosted by Laurin Wolf & Jason Marachiello


Pura Vida Retreat:

Rest, Revive, Regenerate, Celebrate!

Hosted by Enza Gaumond

Dance, Yoga, Music, Elements



Holistic Counseling with  Dr. MosheBlock 

Part  1& 2

Hosted by Moshe Block, N.D.

Inquiry technique for self-healing

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong

Level 2 Certification

with RLWQ Founder, Daisy Lee

Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Qigong Therapist


Solfeggio is excited and honored to hold the first level 2 certification

for women empowering women in their own self-care and healing!



Secret Energy Holistic Revitalization Retreat

Hosted by Sevan Bomar


         A restorative adventure designed to give you a fresh outlook

on your life and personal well being.


Shamanic Qigong with Sifu Francisco Mena

A 2-day Workshop we've built a week of activities around!

Nueve Mujeres

Qigong Costa Rica Experience 

A retreat for 9 friends

Experience Qigong in different natural environments

Hosted by Dina Delaini

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