Past  Retreats

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Living Bamboo Treehouse Workshop

with Bamboo Educator & Innovator

Henry Glenn of Finca Bamboo

in Cuervito de Pavones Osa, Costa Rica


Eco Yoga Retreat.jpg

Eco-Yoga Retreat

Hosted by Kellie Codianan,

Founder of Divinely Rooted Yoga Therapy Studio

and Julie  McMahon-Bailis

Founder of Replenish Reflexology & Healing Arts Studio


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Earth Connections Retreat

Hosted by Laurin Wolf

Owner of Kala Yoga Studio

and Jason Maraschiello

Founder of Higher Potential Living

Business & Personal Development

Toronto, Canada

MoveSense Be


Hosted by Georgia Maxine Sanford

and Vanessa Soudan

Dance, Pilates, Yoga

New York City

The Space Between Retreat

Hosted by Ayrlie MacEachern

Creator & Organizer @ Big Heart Dance Camp

Co-Founder & Facilitator Magic Imaginerium Adventures in Art

& Nicole Hambleton

Founder of Purple Tent Wellness

Ontario, Canada



Bamboo Immersion

Hosted by Trey Abernathy

Founder of Natural Building Costa Rica

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Divinely Root & Replenish Retreat

Hosted by Julie Bailis & Kellie Codianan

Elemental Energies Retreat.JPG


Elemental Medicine Retreat

Hosted by Laurin Wolf & Jason Marachiello

Pura Vida Retreat:

Rest, Revive, Regenerate, Celebrate!

Hosted by Enza Gaumond

Dance, Yoga, Music, Elements



Holistic Counseling with  Dr. MosheBlock 

Part  1& 2

Hosted by Moshe Block, N.D.

Inquiry technique for self-healing

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong

Level 2 Certification

with RLWQ Founder, Daisy Lee

Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Qigong Therapist


Solfeggio is excited and honored to hold the first level 2 certification

for women empowering women in their own self-care and healing!



Secret Energy Holistic Revitalization Retreat

Hosted by Sevan Bomar


         A restorative adventure designed to give you a fresh outlook

on your life and personal well being.


Shamanic Qigong with Sifu Francisco Mena

A 2-day Workshop we've built a week of activities around!

Nueve Mujeres

Qigong Costa Rica Experience 

A retreat for 9 friends

Experience Qigong in different natural environments

Hosted by Dina Delaini