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Cultural & Educational

Jenny with Tico and volunteer planting crew.

Solfeggio supports ACCT by gifting every retreat an Educational Rainforest Hike with Jenny. This hike never fails to awe participants deepening  their understanding of the fascinating and intricate web of life on our planet that each of us is a part of. 


Assoc. Community CarbonTrees - Costa Rica


Jennifer Smith founder of Community Carbon Trees, a non-profit reforestation initiative, was a corporate environmental lawyer in Louisiana, until she realized her true calling and moved to Costa Rica in 2000 to start planting trees. Her story is inspirational and reflects dogged determination, commitment and dedication to the Earth.


Years of trials and challenges helped to birth ACCT, which has been recognized as a model for socially responsible, sustainable reforestation. Part of this model has empowered local women, helping them to create home-based income, earning them lots of self-worth.


As a result of her years of hands-on field experience, research, hard work and creative problem-solving, Jenny was invited to join Al Gore's Corp of Climate Reality Leaders and trained with him and his renowned team. She is now a CRLC specialist on the role tropical trees play in balancing hydrological cycles and global weather.


Jennifer Smith is a wealth of information and we have a number of opportunities to learn from her through talks, walks and volunteering.

Consider making your trip "carbon neutral" by contributing to Community Carbon Trees - Costa Rica. Find out how by visiting their website.

Simple Natural Living Practices with Amy

Amy's story is extraordinary and we get to experience some of her journey, as we visit her homestead. In 2006, Amy moved from New York City, relocating to a remote piece of land in the beautiful mountains of La Florida. For 5 years she slept out under the stars every night, bathed in a river, and chose to live without electrical appliances, lighting, furniture, walls, toilet or bed! As a result, she gained new perspectives and insights into life, which she shares on this tour. A mind-expanding experience without drugs, but maybe some wild edibles, unusual fruit, or "jugo de cana" (fresh sugar cane juice).


Visit a Sustainable Tico Organic Farm


Visit a farm owned by Roy and Graciella Cisneros for a tour and "tipico" lunch. Roy, his wife and their 3 sons raise all they need rarely going to the store for anything. Even their gas/propane is generated by pigs and a homemade bio-digestor. They also grow organic coffee using homemade natural fertilizers and create several roasts for purchase.  On this tour, you will have the opportunity to pick coffee, milk a cow, learn how they make organic fertilizer or traditional corn torillas, and before you leave, buy organic coffee to take home for gifts! 



Vida Autentica Market

On Tuesday, you can visit a local, vibrant organic market selling fresh vegetables, fruits, goat, cow & buffalo cheeses & yogurt, medicinal plants and tinctures, soaps, handcrafts, musical instruments, biodynamically grown coffee, delectable vegan goodies, pies, sandwiches, traditional dishes and more! Have breakfast, pick up some exotic fruit, look for special souvenirs, and enjoy the hum of the market!


Created by Melissa Sweet and partner, Kevin O'Neil, Vida Autentica's market supports graduates of their non-profit program "Pueblo Roots Initiative" by giving them a place to sell their organically grown produce, as well as, others offering products for sustainable living.

Visit the Pueblo of La Reina


Head down into the San Juan de Dios Valley and up into the foothills in our vista to visit a women's "cooperativo". Have a tour of their organic, sustainable practices, learn about medicinal plants, have lunch, cool off in the river and check out the mini-museum of Pre-Columbian artifacts! If you have something you would like to share, you can make this a cultural exchange. In the photo to the left, a retreat participant helps a young girl experience and play with Qi for the first time!  

Classes & Workshops

Take classes in Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory or Nature's Medicinals

Mini-classes in Daoist Philosophy, Power of Intention or Energy Management 101

2 - day workshop in Non-Violent Communication encorporating "Heart Math" techniques.

Learn about Permaculture.

Take a forest tour to learn about the web of life in a tropical forest.

Volunteer for a reforestation project.

Take a class in Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine or

Visit a Boutique Organic Chololatier to make your own chocolate bar. 

Take a day class in Chinese Brush Painting.


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