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Past  Events & Workshops

January 28 & 29

Embrace Energy "Work~Treat"

Cost: $275 or 127,000c 

Arrive: Saturday, 8:30 AM -Class starts at 9:00

Depart: Sunday, 11:30 AM

Price includes 1 night accommodation at the beautiful Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary, all classes, activities, lunch, dinner, breakfast and snacks

For Inquiries & Registration click button below

Do you feel numb? Do you feel overly sensitive? Are you an empath needing to strengthen your boundaries? Do you have a hard time speaking your truth? Do you often feel tired and drained? Do you find you get sick often?​

If you answered, “yes”, to any of these questions, this weekend workshop may be just what you need!


Come, explore yourself as an “energy being” to get a better understanding of how to attune to, cultivate and management your energy!

We’ll explore Qigong and Healing Touch Program exercises, concepts and techniques to:

  • Increase awareness of your energy body and attune, awaken, care for and harmonize your energy

  • Connect to your true north to speak with clarity and kindness

  • Maintain healthy boundaries

  • Create a sense of personal empowerment

  • Boost your immune system and balance your emotions to maximize your energy and life flow!

And... we’ll play in our energy fields to get a new sense of who we are!

Other activities include: Journaling Exercises to help investigate and identify your “energy leaks”, Rainforest Mindfulness Walk, Sundown Breathing Meditation, Intention Setting Ceremony under the Stars, and time to relax in the beautiful energy of Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary!

February 4
Create Your Own Mandala
with Artist Kate Yorke

This class will cover the history and meanings behind mandalas, complete with visuals. Students will sketch out their ideas. After a break for lunch and free time for relaxing around the pool, meditation or walking in the rainforest, we'll return to our mandalas, and complete the drawing and coloring with watercolor or colored pencils. There’s the option to bring a rock to create your mandala on. Kate provides the acrylic paint and all materials!

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Cost: $50 or 27,000c includes class, instruction, materials, lunch & snacks.

Class size is limited. Click Button to Register > 

February 15

Cost: 25,000c

Bring your lunch 

Drinks and snacks provided

For Registration & additional Information

click the Embrace button below.


Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong Day Workshop

Come spend a day to dive deeply into this loving, self-care practice

to build a foundation for a regular personal practice.

Whether you're working on a physical or mental/emotional challenge, or simply have a desire to create more vibrant health, a Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong practice will empower you with medical Qigong exercises, Tibetan Sound Healing, Emotional Balancing techniques and visualizations.

This profound practice supports women in attaining and maintaining optimum 

health and wellbeing, while maximizing the energy needed to meet all of life’s demands with an empowered sense of flow! 

*Additional Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and supporting practices are also included. A limited amount of DVDs containing the core practice will be available for sale.

Class Starts: 9:00 AM         Ends: 3:30 PM

Cost Saturday: 10,000c

Price includes classes and activities

Bring your lunch! Drinks provided  

Cost Sunday: 10,000c

includes all activities & snack

Optional night stay with breakfast: 

$75 or 42,000c.

Information & Registration click below 


February 11 & 12
Earth~Sky Connections Weekend

Join us for an inspiring weekend sure to deepen your awareness and

awe for our connection to the amazing world around us!

Come for one or both days

Saturday Classes & Activities - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Elemental Qigong & Mindfulness Rainforest Walk

Learn how to restore health through easy movements balancing the 5 elemental energies to create internal harmony, then walk to a Giant Ceiba tree to experience the sights, sounds and subtle energies of a tropical forest with Dina Delaini

Lunch in the beautiful sanctuary - Drinks provided

Essential Oils Primer with Anne Paxton, Young Living Oils Representative  

Learn why essentials oils are potent medicine and how they may be applied in everyday life for health and wellbeing.

Sunday Classes - 9:00 AM to 12:30 noon 

Educational Rainforest Tour with Community Carbon Trees Founder, Jenny Smith Learn about the symbiotic relationships of a tropical rainforest and how the trees of a tropical forest impact the climate of our shared planet.

Enjoy some fresh fruit and snacks

Costa Rican Medicinal Plants with Ticos from the pueblo of La Reina with translation

Learn about medicinal plants used for generations to sooth and heal injuries and illnesses.

Optional night stays available to give you time to relax in our beautiful sanctuary, enjoy the natural chemical-free pool and connect to the full moon and the stars!


March 1
“Qigong meets Yoga”
with Francesco Garripoli

Take your Yoga or Qigong practice to the next level!

This workshop focuses on self-empowerment and brings a joyful and transformative approach to Qigong

Energy Healing and Yoga for your personal practice.

All levels are welcome

from beginners to experience practitioners.

Francesco Garripoli is an internationally renowned Qigong Instructor, brainwave researcher, wellness advocate and

Emmy Award winning television producer/director of Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century aired on PBS-TV. Author of Tao of the Ride and Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance,

he is featured in award-winning Qigong instructional DVDs and a new Qigong/Yoga television series on Gaia TV.

Wednesday, March 1, 9:00 AM to 4:00

Cost: $275  includes workshop, delicious organic lunch and yummy healthy snacks

Space is limited!

Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn from this creative, masterful teacher and icon in the world of Qigong!

Overnight accommodations Available

For more Information & Registration

Click the button below.

Immerse in this Workshop and Explore:

Organ Cleansing Qigong (Zang Fu Gong) to bring focus to, detox and strengthen each organ, as well as the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems. A system used by over 150,000 people worldwide with 120 Certified Instructors trained by Francesco.


Yoga Asanas from a variety of styles chosen to complement and transform your practice. Rediscover and expand your Yoga through a deeper understanding of Prana/Qi energy meridians and organ systems


A variety of short, effective Qigong styles designed to energize and harmonize body, mind, spirit. They include a range of breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and movements shown to promote physiological healing and mental-emotional transformation. Francesco studied their ancient Buddhist and Taoist origins for many years under Masters in China, Thailand & India.

Night of Music with Paloma & Friends
March 3

Concert Cost: 8,000c

Information & Registration click below 


Paloma Coronado Manrique and friends, Luz, Raphael and Jessica 

create organic music with indigenous, ethnic and natural instruments, with the intention to reconnect to and honor nature.... and they do just that!

Come! Be transported by a magical musical experience!


Last year's performance at The Pavilion was pure enchantment, as the night world of a tropical forest responded in kind to their music!

Don't miss this special opportunity to be transported to another world!

Fine Tuning Women's Qigong with Inai Marie
March 11 and/or 12

Price for full weekend: $250 or 1 day: $90
Full weekend includes both day's playshop,

one night lodging and three meals.

More Information & Registration Click >


Fine Tuning Qigong attunes us to the abundant supply of vital Qi that exists within and around us. Harmonizing mind, body and breath along with movement allows the field of infinite energy that we exist in to reveal itself. This field of Qi can be guided and enhanced -helping to gently assist us to our natural balance. This “playshop” incorporates guided meditation and movements for opening the fascia and energy channels that enhance qi flow. 

The practices include cupping, shaking, self massage, Tibetan Sound healing, organ tonification and jade egg. Inai combines her experience of Medical Qigong, Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, Sexual Vitality Qigong and Jade Egg teachings to weave a full spectrum practice for enhancing women’s health.


March 14
An Evening of Sacred Chants
with Len & Vani Greene and Vyola Myst

Bring a cushion, your open-heart and voice for an evening of sacred chant lead by professional musicians and kirtan leaders, Len and Vani and friends. Immediately following will be a light snack and time to commune.

Hosted by The Pavilion at Solfeggio ~ email for directions

7:00 PM  to 8:00 PM                          

Cost: 4,000c

March 21
The Yoga of Sound wth Shanti Shivani


Join us for an introductory workshop on The Yoga of Sound with Shanti Shivani, Master Yoga of Sound, sound healer and Indian Raga singer (sacred chants).

This is a rare opportunity to learn from a master teacher! 
The Yoga of Sound is an ancient mystical practice for healing, transformation and self-realization.
Learn how to:
Sing with your whole body, connecting with your authentic voice
Balance your physical, mental, emotion and spiritual bodies
Heighten your intuition, creativity and so much more
Through movement, breath work, visualizations and vocal exercises based on North Indian musical modes.

Immediately following the workshop, experience a 10 minute Vibrational Attunement with Crystal Bowls by Vyola Myst. (Optional and at no additional cost)

Since 1981, Shanti Shivani has been the disciple of the illustrious Dagar family, the foremost exponents of Dhrupad, the most ancient form of North Indian Classical music. She has been studying movement principles, spiritual healing with world renowned Asian and Western teachers for many decades.
To learn more about Shivani and her work visit her website:


Hosted by The Pavilion at Solfeggio ~ email for directions

3:30 PM  to 5:00 PM                          

Cost: $15 or 8,000c

April 1
Sacred Sound Journey into Source

An improvised magical journey led by three Master sound healers. Co-created by Sydney Leigh, Vyola Myst, and Shanti Shivani with sacred sound, music with vocals, 7 chakra quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, gongs, guitar, viola, and other sound healing instruments.

Sydney and Shivani are visiting from the U.S. for a short time only, so don't miss this is a rare opportunity for a unique musical experience.


Sydney Leigh
Sydney is a devotee of Ammachi and called to the path of Bakti. She has studied Indian classical music and offers traditional sacred chants and western music infused with sacred mantras. She is called to serve thru sacred frequency as a space for others to connect in and thru the waves of the heart. 
Vyola Myst
Vyola Myst is a professional violist, sound healer, kirtan musician, and recording artist from Ashland Oregon who lives in southern Costa Rica. She channels Music of the Spheres that inspires and transforms, and she leads and teaches Sound Medicine Journeys and Ceremonies with voice, viola, crystal bowls and a variety of sound healing instruments. Fb Vyola Myst,
Shanti Shivani
Since 1981 Shanti Shivani has been the disciple of the illustrious Dagar family, the foremost exponents of Dhrupad, the most ancient form of North Indian Classical music. She has also been studying movement disciplines, spiritual healing and sound healing with world renowned Asian and Western teachers for many decades. 
She has been teaching internationally since 1986 and performing and recording since 1993.

Saturday, April 1,  2:00 to 4:00 pm

The Pavilion at Solfeggio

Donation: 5,000c to 10,000c

April 2
The Healing Power of Voice

Join us this coming Sunday for an expanded one-day workshop based on "The Yoga of Sound" an ancient, mystical practice using voice, breath and movement for healing, transformation and Self-realization. 

This workshop is for musicians, dancers, healers, people wanting to empower and heal themselves and last but not least pregnant women and their partners, midwives and doulas as Shivani was the main collaborator of the European father of natural childbirth, Frédérick Leboyer, and has been teaching his "Art of Breathing" all over the world since 1986.

In the workshop you will learn how to: 
* Sing with your whole body thus connecting you with your authentic voice which empowers and heals you
* Develop your intuition and creativity
* Heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies with musical modes and lots more!

Recording the workshop is welcome, or come prepared to take notes!

There will be 5 hours of instruction and a 2 hour lunch break to digest and integrate. Bring your lunch. Drinks will be provided.

Shanti Shivani is an internationally acclaimed singer of sacred music / sound healer and vocal teacher who brings a wealth of decades of training in movement and healing modalities to her extensive vocal training with the illustrious Dagar lineage, masters of Dhrupad, the most ancient form of North Indian Classical music. She has been their disciple since 1981 and spent many years in India practicing Shaivism and Tibetan Buddhism next to her music studies. She also trained with renowned Asian and European masters of movement and sound healing. Shivani’s been teaching internationally since 1986 and performing, recording and working as a sound healer since 1993. 

For more information on Shivani or Naga Yoga visit:

Pre-registration required

Donation: $60 - $90

Payment in cash or byPaypal:

For information contact: Dina or +506-8333-4119

Sunday, April 30, 9:30 am to 11:30

Investment: 10,000c

April 30
Balancing Earth Element: Yoga Workshop

Join Amber Hagberg, Rachael Carlevale and Melissa Goldenberg for an an extended Earth Day Celebration honoring pacha mama with root-based yoga, meditation, crystal sound healing and plant medicine.


This unique workshop will explore powerful concepts on aligning our natural rhythms with Mother Nature. Learn a healthy expression of connecting to earth element and experience inner awareness with the soothing sound of vibrational medicine. A lovingly prepared herbal tea will be served at the end of the workshop to ground the overall experience. 


Presenter Bios
Since 2008, Amber Hagberg has had an active passion for the life-transforming practice of yoga. Following the guide of her heart’s compass, she moved to Colorado, and in August 2012 received her Yoga Alliance 200hr certification at Shambhava Yoga. She now lives in Costa Rica, where she’s a full time yoga teacher and massage therapist. Amber’s daily personal practice is an ongoing source of deepening wisdom, inspiring her to share the profound benefits of yoga and touch with others. 

Rachael Carlevale is an ethnobotanist healer, who lives in service to plant medicine and is Founder of Ganjasana. Viewing plants as guru, Rachael guides individuals to build a relationship with plant spirits through the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She also designs transformative experiences in a ceremonial setting to honor the wisdom of the natural world with techniques passed on from the Amazonian Shipibo tribe lineage.

Rachael has a Pre-Medicine Plant Biology degree from the Honors Commonwealth School at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She earned her Mindfulness Educator Certification from the Greater Good Institute at UC Berkeley and her Yoga Certification from the Shambhava School of Yoga in 2010. 
Learn about her healing journey and more: 

Collaborating with Amber and Rachael on this special workshop, Melissa Anne Goldenberg will amplify the nurturing vibration of love! Melissa first discovered her passion for crystal sound healing 5 years ago. In April 2016, called to learn vibrational medicine to support her own self-healing and that of others, Melissa went to Bali to study with a Master of Sound Healing. After 2 days searching for her special vibrational note, she experienced the resonance of “G”, associated with the throat chakra. It was then she began to question whether her thyroid (related to throat) could be contributing to her ever-increasing health issues. Shortly after that, Melissa was diagnosed with autoimmune disease and thyroid cancer. Since then, she has been on a courageous healing journey in Costa Rica, using sound medicine daily to help heal her dis-ease.

May 7
Sound Medicine Ceremony

Join Vyola Myst, Luz Armonia, Jimmy Gilker, Lila Blue and Paloma for an afternoon of sacred ceremony combining the powerful medicine of sound and improvised music with medicine songs, providing a unique attunement that relaxes, balances, and inspires.

The resonants tones of Vyola Myst's vocals and viola with the chakra-tuned quartz crystal bowls takes us on a extra-dimensional journey of healing and deep relaxation.

Medicine songs offered by Sara Luz, Lilly, and special guest Paloma open the heart and brings the group into resonance for the sound healing. A wide variety of instruments including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, didjeridoo, rattles, and gongs are used in stereo-sound and to attune personal auras for a deep group sound healing experience. Sara Luz channels the ancestors in traditional Mexican and other indigenous songs, further empowering the medicine. 

Participants are invited to open their hearts, join in song, lie down and receive the sound medicine, and to move to their personal rhythm. of vibrational medicine!

Limited supply of yoga mats available. Bring a pillow and something to lay on, so you'll be comfortable for the ride!

Hosted by The Pavilion at Solfeggio ~ email for directions

1:00 to 4:00 pm

Investment: 5,000c to 10,000c

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