soSolfeggio Retreat Sanctuary is a chamber of the heart manifest in form. It is a rare combination of excellence and substance. The natural environment of Solfeggio is stunning in its complex beauty. The accommodations and meals are themselves works of art.The high quality of the workshop space is matched by Dina’s mindful attention to detail on every level. I recommend Solfeggio without hesitation to anyone who ishes to receive an extraordinary experience of healing. Terri Nash, Midwife, Qigong Instructor & Co-Instructor of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong Level II Certification Sol


"I felt tears of joy!"
"transcendent experiences"
"far beyond expectations"
"nothing short of magical"
"most memorable and beautiful time"
"I've never felt so cared for" 
"truly is a place of healing"
"From the bottom of my heart,

Eco-Yoga Retreat Testimonials 2018

I had not been feeling myself since September, so I was afraid of coming. As soon as Dina took me my room, I knew I was where I was meant to be.  Butterflies were surrounding the bush as we walked in. The room was so airy with beautiful wood all around and a deck looking out on a lovelier world than I could imagine. I loved how cared for we were with delicious food all day and our rooms cleaned every day. I loved taking a shower in the outdoors. I experienced many special things.  There is something in the atmosphere at the retreat. I felt close to the earth and the other living beings on the land. When I went to the pavilion early in the morning a young lady was sweeping our yoga floor and putting out new flowers for us. It was lovely. I've never felt so cared for before this retreat. On the last day when Kellie asked us to let our emotions come to the surface, I felt tears of joy!

Harriet Szanto, Eco-Yoga Retreat

My experience was so far beyond any expectations I may not have the words to express how transformative my experience was – and still is. I experienced relaxation, connection, abundance, growth, energy, peace and love…. We seemed to fall into a place of grace, growth and transformation… The food was obviously made with loving attention, using natural and wholesome ingredients that are locally available. And the truth was in the taste… Wow!! I was awed, amazed and grateful for the gift of visiting that beautiful Ceiba tree...and Thank you, Dina, for the unexpected gift of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong. I’m working to incorporate the movements, self-massages and self-care into my daily practice..

I don’t think we could find a more perfect place for our community to replenish our yoga practice…

Marj Chapman, Eco-Yoga Retreat

This was a time and journey that was highly valued by me… filled with transcendent experiences.  Someone mentioned that I was beaming as I recanted all that had transpired! …being among a glorious group of traveling, inquisitive women, with our hard working yogis, with you, with the wonderful women that helped cook and clean, gorgeous Solfeggio, the breathing, living forest, great drivers to and from all our excursions, are all on equal and sacred ground. And to think, Terry and I sat on the proverbial fence wondering whether to take a chance on what could be!  …you went above and beyond to fill our bellies with the soul of Costa Rica. Your warmth and love was felt by all. I know that everyone within our group had a most memorable and beautiful time with you and all that you provided us.  I am so grateful to have been part of our time together! With love and grace,

Lori Mossberg, Eco-Yoga Retreat

I felt such an opening happening within myself while at Solfeggio… Being there reminded me that life CAN be pleasurable and that I AM supported… I started to feel a little bit like myself again… What you have created at Solfeggio is nothing short of magical. It truly is a place of healing and hope. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Brandie McK, Eco-Yoga Retreat