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A Message from The Sanctuary

 Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary honors and respects Nature and the interconnectedness of all our relationships…

Spend time in the Sanctuary, and gratitude naturally emerges from the sacredness of all life…

Sacredness and gratitude grow in a spiraling reciprocity, holding an energetic space

for the birthing of our gifts and the work we’ve come here to share


Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary was named for an ancient musical scale of frequencies said to create healing on all levels. Solfeggio expresses our foundational intention and guides all we offer....


Now more than ever we are being called to sing out loud deeply and fully, not just with our voice but with our whole life. Uni-verse translates as One Song. When we finally learn to sing our song, the one we came here to sing, it naturally resonates in harmony with the energy of all Creation. And, nothing is more supported by the universe than your unique gift of service to what elevates us all, no matter how grand or humble and small.

May we all join together in our fullest expression to manifest Heaven on Earth.

With a heart full of gratitude for the opportunity to serve this intention through the inexplicable magic of Solfeggio Sanctuary…

With Love All-Ways,



While building each special habitation there was as much attention given to supporting harmonious working relationships as there was to integrating locally grown plantation teak and bamboo. Each handcrafted space has a special energy one can feel.

The sanctuary space supports personal retreats, writer's retreat, integration of a recent experience, people working online, and anyone birthing a new business or direction in life. 


Ceremony in Pavilion.jpg

The Pavilion

The Pavilion hosts classes, workshops and events to support health and wellbeing, empower personal growth, ignite our human potential and inspire a deeper connection to our collective heart and soul.

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