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This retreat is an invitation to your inner child to come play in the energy of everything! There's no better place to embrace play than at Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary! Women of all ages, bring your adventurous spirit and childlike eyes to explore within and without. We'll journey through a week-long retreat specially designed to en-"lighten", ignite imagination and enhance intuition. Leave with a new sense of presence, flow and play!


A Retreat for Wonder-Women

"Come, embrace your childlike wonder!"

This retreat is an invitation to your inner child

to come play in the energy of everything! 

There's no better place to embrace play than at

Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary!

Women of all ages, bring your adventurous spirit and childlike eyes to explore within and without.

We'll journey through a week-long retreat

specially designed to en-"lighten", ignite imagination

and enhance intuition.

You'll leave with a new sense of

presence, flow and play! 


Our peaceful, lush mountain Sanctuary is the perfect setting to relax into the restorative embrace of Nature and surrender to a natural sense

of rhythm and flow!

Connect to women of all ages and phases of life and do what women do with ease; share, nurture and inspire!

Connect to the vibration of your deepest Self, tap into a wellspring of life-sustaining energy and keep it all flowing with laughter

to “en-lighten”!

Qi = "Life Force"  Gong = "Cultivation" 

Drawing upon the wisdom of Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong

you will learn practices that empower all of life’s relationships!


Learn easy to do, self-nurturing forms and techniques that build personal resilience and "response -ability". 

These loving self-care practices cultivate compassion, enhance mental clarity and intuition

and ignite the body’s restorative capacities.

Begin and close each day, with simple, yet profound, moving meditations that ground, center and align,

allowing your innate wisdom to rise!

Enjoy Yin Yoga classes adapted to all levels of fitness and designed to gently support the release of long stored tension from muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, giving you a new sense of flexibility and fluidity of body, mind and spirit.

Be blown-away by Costa Rica’s Pacific southern zone as we explore the awe-inspiring beauty of waterfalls, beaches and mountains!

Supporting these two nurturing self-care practices

our Physician of Chinese Medicine, Annie Gordon, will offer the opportunity to deeply nourish your Qi

with the all-natural, holistic modalities of acupuncture, cupping and Chinese Herbs.


Be truly nourished by fresh organic vegetarian meals and yummy treats lovingly prepared by

our Chef certified Mind-Body Nutrition Therapist, Melanie Lotos.

Enjoy inspiring, interactive classes introducing you to the elegant theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Daoist Philosophy and the Power of Intention.  Learn about frontier science supporting energy modalities

and deepen your understanding of how energy is at work and play in our everyday lives!

Break away from your routine to Embrace something new and fun and

Leave Inspired with a toolkit of practices

to support and empower you on all levels wherever you go from here!


Susan Eddings

"...the healing, pervasive energy surrounds everyone who goes there. The art of Qigong in and of itself is a powerful tool for healing, add that with the warmth and open heart of Dina's personality and her expertise in

the art and you literally have magic."

"Dina truly embodies what

she's teaching, in body and spirit. She is articulate, wise, grounded, intuitive and deeply caring, and while I am always touched by our sessions I also appreciate the good, shared belly laughs!"

Susie Almgren

..." loving myself through

the practice of Qigong…  

It became easier to speak my truth and the truth became more real and balanced. I am able to give more to others without depleting myself. Thank you for this marvelous practice Dina..."

Jennifer Smith, JD

Included Activities

Local Waterfall Tour

Visit to Vibrant Local Market

Time at the Beach to Play & Dine

Night of Live Music Under the Stars

Story Telling Around the Fire

Night of Improv Games

Hike to Ceiba Tree with Rainforest Tour

All Qigong & Yoga Classes

Interactive Workshops

Extra Activities

TCM Evaluation & Treatments

Energy Healing Therapy



This retreat runs Saturday to Saturday with the option of an additional night free!
$2200 or $1950 if you register before December 1, 2016.

(Includes accommodations, meals & activities above)

Space is limited for this special retreat. Embrace your place with a $500 deposit!

(Click the button below)


Dina Delaini

Dina Delaini, Founder of Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary, has lived in Costa Rica since 2000. Immersed in the healing energies of this tropical planetary jewel, Dina experienced a transformation that catalyzed the vision, motivation and on-going expression of Solfeggio Retreats. She has been practicing the ancient Daoist art of Qigong for 10 years, and since 2011, has been a practicing certified teacher of Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong and Organ Cleansing Qigong.


Dina is a dedicated student of Daoism and her love of the energy arts lead her to obtain a Level I certification in Integrative Energy Therapy in 2007, Advanced Reiki Certification in 2009, and certification in Healing Touch Level 1 in 2010.


"It is my deepest intent for you to feel the magic and wonder of Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary and experience a restoration of body, mind and spirit.

And may the self-nurturing practices you learn here be a blessing to you and all those around you!"

Annie Gordon

Annie Gordon, a Licensed Physician of Chinese Medicine, graduated from The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, CO with a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Living with a diagnosis of MS, Annie first found a passion for Chinese Medicine when she watched its application transform her own health, and later provide much needed help in the lives of her clients.


In 2015, Annie moved to the Pacific Southern Zone of Costa Rica, and focused on making natural healthcare affordable and accessible to the local community. Toward this goal, Annie founded and is medical director of Clinica Natural, an all-natural health clinic. Her enthusiasm for helping others to obtain optimal health and wellbeing using natural medicine is unrivaled, and she’s excited to show you what Chinese Medicine can do to invigorate and balance your health and life!


Annie has been practicing medicine since 2008 and regularly speaks, teaches and leads workshops about complementary and alternative healthcare.

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