Design Your Own Retreat

If you are a Teacher with students or a Group of friends who desire to create a healthy, meaningful, rich retreat experience together, Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary offers you the option of custom-designing your personal Retreat. Our gorgeous area is home to many wonderful human resources and amazing natural resources we can draw upon to create an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Simply choose from our selections and create your perfect Retreat! Find out more by exploring the links below…. 


If you are still long enough to observe the unfolding of a day, you will be witness to the power of Earth, Sky and all Creation.

That said, we recommend daily Qigong and/or Yoga, Meditation and Sundown Silence.

Energy Work & Non-Linear Gifts

A Physician of Chinese Medicine is on staff for in depth evaluations, consultations and treatments to free your Qi!


To enhance your retreat experience we offer ~ Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Back Straightening, Sound Healing, Crystal Readings, Soul Retrieval, Kirtan (Sacred Chant) evenings and more...

Inspirational ~ Educational

Homestead & Farm Tours ~ Classes ~ Experience "Pura Vida"!


Learn about the web of life in a tropical forest, or medicinal plants & trees. Volunteer for a reforestation project. Tour a sustainable, organic Costa Rican farm. Make traditional foods in a "Tica" kitchen. Visit a pueblo to view pre-Colombian artifacts, Learn about permaculture, take a class in Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine or visit a boutique organic chololatier to make your own chocolate bar. 


Take classes in Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Food as Medicine, mini-classes in

Daoist Philosophy, Energy Management or a 2 - day workshop

in Non-Violent Communication encorporating "Heart Math" techniques.

Ceremonies by Raven

"Ritual and ceremony serve a valuable function in helping us to understand the flow of Time, and honour the unfolding of our journey with Celebration." ~ Raven 


Ceremonies help create a container for the context of our retreats. Each one designed to draw in just the right supporting energies. Raven knows how to create and hold a beautiful, sacred space, where the individual and collective sense a greater meaning for their time spent at Solfeggio.

Creative & Expressive Arts, Dance & Music

Chinese Brush Painting, Tropical Art aka: Palm Part Art, Soul Journaling using collage to communicate with your subconscious, Journaling Exercises and Dance Your Magic ecstatic dance session and/or choose from a variety of musical styles to create a magical evening under the stars! 


Our area offers many half day and full-day unique recreational experiences


Waterfall and Cloud Forest Hikes, Horseback Riding, River Walks, Swimming, Rappelling down waterfalls, Flying Trapeze & Aerial Silks Classes, Cayoning, Kayaking, Rafting, Surfing, Zip-lining, SUP, walks in our forest or down a beautiful country road. There's so much to see and do!