Past  Retreats 

Holistic Counseling Part  1 &  2

with Dr. Moshe Daniel Block

Learn "The VIS Dialog", created by Dr. Moshe Daniel Block, ND, HMC, an expert in mind-body medicine. It's a breakthrough simple technique; a gentle, powerful and effective mind-body psychology tool anyone can learn and use. It's an especially beneficial tool for Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopaths, Psychologists, counselors, natural health practitioners or anyone on a healing journey.

Learn to sing with your whole body and

Connect to your authentic voice!

Yoga of Sound & Qigong Retreat

Join Master Yoga of Sound Teacher, Shanti Shivani

& Qigong Teacher, Dina Delaini

Enjoy the powerful creative forces of song, sound, movement and energy to discover your own special key that will unlock a treasure chest of self-healing!

Eco-Yoga Retreat: Divinely Root & Replenish!

with Kellie Codianna & Julie Bailis

Disconnect and reconnect with Kellie and Julie at Solfeggio!

They have designed a special yoga retreat to help you relax deeply

into a natural rhythm and flow, where you will find

your inner voice and a taproot of creativity!